Leadership Training for Project Managers

Workshop for Project Managers to strenghten Leadership Skills

When’s the last time you thought about your leadership skills? How long has it been since you’ve taken a course? One of the best to improve your management style is to take a workshop, specifically for project managers or focused on leadership training for projects managers.

Management 3.0’s workshops attract a variety of profiles including project managers, entrepreneurs, leaders and people interested in creating transformational change within their organizations.

Why Soft Skills are so important for Project Managers

It takes more than knowledge and skill to be a good project manager. It takes understanding, empathy, the ability to read the room and make the people around you feel valued, heard and acknowledged. These competencies mean that you have soft skills as a project manager and they’re crucial if you want buy in from your team.

What does it take to acquire project manager leadership skills? Taking a workshop is a good place to start as it’ll allow you to bounce ideas off of like-minded people and gain insights into some of their best practices.

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Management 3.0 Training Modules for Project Managers

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A Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop usually covers 8 modules, some of them are of high value for project managers:

Strengthen your Project Manager Leadership Skills

Learn how to manage the system instead of the people: Our management & leadership module delves into how people think about organizations in terms of what they are and aren’t responsible for.

Learn more about how management looked like in the past and what Management 3.0 is doing different. Delve into the Management 3.0 principles which are highly relevant for project managers who want to sharpen their leadership skills.

Learn more about the Management and Leadership module

Enhance your Project Manager Delegation Skills

Delegating isn’t easy for everyone but it’s one of the best soft skills project managers can learn. People behave according to how they are treated so if you can master project manager delegation skills then you’ll create stronger bonds with your team. Delegation also increases status, power and control, so developing delegation skills as a project manager is key. In our Management 3.0 workshops we speak about project manager competencies, which include what it takes to delegate better and to delegate well.

Learn more about the Delegation and Empowerment module

Leadership Tools & Practices for Project Managers

Hands-on practices which you can use with your project team right away – that’s what Management 3.0 is about. During the workshop you will get to know Moving Motivators, Delegation Poker and more useful tools to help your project team to go a step further.

We can’t always figure everything out by ourselves, sometimes we need a bit of help, especially when it comes to leadership training for project managers. Workshops are excellent ways to enhance knowledge, gain insights and meet people in the same industry. So check out a fabulous Management 3.0 course near you and sign up today.

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