Leadership Skills for effective Scrum Masters

Scrum Master Leadership Training

If you’re a Scrum Master and into improving your leadership style one of the best ways to get is by attending a Management 3.0 workshop.

As a facilitator for an Agile development team it’s super important to put yourself through leadership training in order to help your team better self-organize and make changes quickly, all of which are in line with the agile principles.

Leadership Skills for effective Scrum Masters.

The leadership skills needed in order to be an effective Scrum Master is exactly what’s taught in our excellent Management 3.0 workshops. Gain better understanding how to connect with, empower and motivate your teams through hands on practical games and skills.

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Management 3.0 Training Modules for Scrum Masters

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A Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop usually covers 8 modules, some of them are of high value for Scrum Masters:

Management & Leadership: Skills to sharpen your Scrum Master Leadership Style

What does it take to manage the system and not the people? The Scrum Master leadership style is similar to what we embody at Management 3.0, as Scrum allows teams to self-organize and make quick changes in line with the agile principles.

For a Scrum Master to enhance soft skill development it’s good to take a step back and see what else is being offered that might enhance your existing knowledge.

Learn more about the Management 3.0 Management and Leadership module

Employee Motivation for Scrum Masters

What’s the best way to create great teams? People need to feel motivated, engaged and seen. If you’re in the world of Scrum leadership then learning how to motivate colleagues is extremely important. Some people might consider these soft skills, but without engaged colleagues you’ll have demotivated teams.

While we can’t actually motivate people we can set up the right conditions that will maximize the probability that it will happen and this is something that’s beneficial in conjunction with Scrum leader training. Managers are responsible for making employee engagement a built-in property of the organization.

Learn more about the Employee Motivation and Engagement module

Delegation & Empowerment: Scrum Master Soft Skills

As someone who specializes in Scrum Leadership you know that people behave according to how they are treated. When we delegate, we increase status, power and control, all practical tips and tools that we learn in Management 3.0 workshops.

Learn more about the Delegation and Empowerment module

Success & Failure: Impediment Management for Scrum Masters

One of the keys to having a great Scrum Master leadership style is to constantly be improving. At Management 3.0 we pride ourselves on creating safe spaces to fail because we’re all about experimenting. Just like Scrum leadership training helps create self-organized teams with a drive to try new things, our fail fast, pivot, try again and embrace experimentation culture can provide added tangible tips for what it takes to create that safe environment.

Learn more about the Success and Failure module

There are so many parallels between what Scrum leadership holds valuable and what we focus on in our fabulous Management 3.0 workshops. Because the philosophies and visions are so aligned the workshops are an excellent opportunity to improve and enhance your leadership skills as a Scrum Master. Why not sign up for a course today?

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