5 Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Daily Life

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by Ena Tañedo

Rummaging through a messy room looking for a specific item can be taxing. It takes take time and will likely make your already cluttered room end up in complete disarray the moment you find it. This could have been a different story if you had everything in order, and you knew where your things were stored.

It might be tough for a lot of people to try and declutter their own living space. Some might say they don’t have the time to do it because of their busy schedule while others admit to being hoarders. No matter what your situation is, it’s essential to set aside a few hours to declutter. This will help create a better culture and environment in your personal and professional life.

How you keep things organized is a reflection of how you handle your life. The way you hold onto your possessions and ignore the fact that your house is in total chaos with all the clutter you keep means something. It might be symbolic of some form of disarray in other aspects of your life.

There are advantages to decluttering your space, here are a few:

#1: Decluttering your space can, reduces stress and allow you to stay calm

Just the mere sight of clutter is enough to cause anxiety. This doesn’t even include those situations where you need to find lost items you need straightaway. Clutter can represent a constant reminder of things you should address or goals you need to achieve. It’s tough to relax when you have heaps of clutter taunting you on a regular basis while having this nagging thought that you have to deal with it eventually.

#2: Decluttering your space can help you focus

It’s common practice that clearing your mind will help you focus on the task at hand. This is frequently done by athletes. If your mind is distracted by clutter you are pounding it with too many stimuli, causing your senses to focus on other things that aren’t as important. So, when you attempt to complete a task and see a pile of paper in your line of sight, your mind is going to wander off and will take added effort to focus on the job at hand.

#3: Decluttering your space will give you more time

Clearing your home and workspace of clutter helps you avoid being overwhelmed by all the mess that distracts you from getting quality work done. Looking for specific articles of clothing to wear or hunting for missing keys can take hours and not having to do it saves a huge chunk of time. This allows you to enjoy moments that matter such as time spent with family and friends.

#4: Decluttering can stop a bad habit and start a good one

Cleaning up after yourself, both literally and metaphorically helps create a better environment and understand what triggers bad habits. You can shift things by removing all the junk that sets off those habits. To put it simply, taking away sweets from your kitchen eliminates the temptation that triggers a sugar binge and allows you to eat more healthy. The same goes for clutter.

#5: Decluttering teaches you how to let go

Decluttering involves a lot of cleaning, rearranging and throwing away of items you don’t need. Many folks have a hard time doing the last one. Selling or giving away what you don’t need teaches you to free yourself from the burdens that you’re having a hard time letting go of and shed yourself of items that might not be adding value to your life.

Decluttering your home, workplace and your life has no downside. Instead, it aims to improve your life on a daily basis by helping you remove any unnecessary burdens and provide clarity to motivate you in achieving your goals. Ultimately, this will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Photo: Onur Bahçıvancılar (Unsplash)

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