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by Ralph van Roosmalen, Management 3.0

Management is difficult. We, the Management 3.0 Team, try to practice what we preach and one of the Management 3.0 principles is to co-create work. Create things together, teams, managers, customers, etc…

As you might know, we are working on a new Master level program for our facilitators. The main goals are to improve the quality of the facilitators and also grow the brand. We made a plan and asked for input from other people like our co-owners, facilitators (by email), and other people who are connected to our brand.

We also shared our plans with the facilitators who attended the retreat in Berlin and we got feedback and decided to push the project back. For the past few months, we’ve been focusing on getting the Supporters level up and running.

But last week we resumed the Master level program again.

The first step was reviewing the feedback from the facilitators in Berlin, which was all valuable feedback. The second step was to play the Change Management Game. OMG, what a powerful game. We just played two cards and decided to redesign the program!

So what’s our current plan? Based on feedback from our facilitators and our own ideas….

We are not going to introduce a new level. The idea is now to create a more module-based approached. We will make new workshops available in the near future, like for example Agile Talent. If a facilitator is interested, and she or he has the Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Practice, she or he can get this add-on subscription which will allow her or him to facilitate this new workshop. There will be an extra fee for this new workshop, as we believe it will add value to the facilitator and we will also incur extra costs. We can do this for all new workshops we would like to offer. If you like to offer these new workshops, you can just subscribe. If you don’t want to everything stays the same for the facilitator. There are no extra costs.

Being a Management 3.0 facilitator sounds interesting to you?

This will grow our brand but what about the quality of the facilitators? Good question, and we won’t solve this with the approach described above.

We believe in full transparency. Therefore, all people can see all public and private event ratings of all facilitators, including a star ranking. However, the algorithm to calculate those stars is very simple. Basically, just the public rating of the facilitator translated to stars. When a facilitator conducted one workshop and the rating is a 9, the facilitator will have a better score than a facilitator who did 30 events and had an average rating of 7. We think we should improve this. Do you also check the number of reviews when you check a rating?

We are going to set up a new algorithm to calculate the stars and of course, clearly explain to people how we calculate them.

Management is difficult and managing the Management 3.0 brand is difficult. Looking back, we are happy we lived up to the principle co-create work and involved as many people as possible. We are also happy that we played our own Change Management Game.

We all have a better feeling about the new setup, it feels much better, and much more fair!

Are you embarking on a new project of facing a change in your life? Why not make decisions easier by playing our new Change Management Game to help navigate you through the next steps

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