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In many organizations, the management is often the biggest obstacle to successful IT project management and agile project management skills development. For more than five years now, Jurgen Appelo has been considered an agile thought leader in the movement to adapt IT project management for better team collaboration and proper agile management adoption. And he’s brought more than 100 agile business coaches with him on this awesome journey.

This leadership revolution is called Management 3.0. It is the future of management, which is all about doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.

After more than a decade in agile development and agile management, team leader to more than a hundred software developers, development managers, project managers, business consultants, service managers, and kangaroos – some of which he hired accidentally – Jurgen discovered a gap in agile literature. There are at least a hundred books for agile developers and project managers, but very few for agile managers and leaders. He felt ready to pen the premiere guide introducing a realistic approach to leading, managing, and growing your agile team or organization. And thus Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders was born.

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From there, Jurgen has created a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop, as well as has written two more best-sellers on change management and employee engagement. Management 3.0 has turned into an international movement of agile developers, team leaders and management ready to empower teams through agile project management.

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‘Management 3.0 begins with Agile’

While Management 3.0 workshops and books provide great leadership and management exercises and advice for all types of teams, from human resources management to project management, developers, middle management and executive level, it first gained its notoriety in 2010 in the world of agile project management skills development. Now, more than a hundred agile coaches in 24 countries (and counting!) are helping to train the agile managers and future agile leaders of the world in better exercises and best practices.

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Management 3.0 introduces the reader to Agile management and complexity theory in an engaging, pragmatic way that you will find both informative and a useful reference for years to come.

While each team is different and has different needs toward more complete agile adoption, Management 3.0 addresses certain topics that are relevant across not only all agile teams but all team collaboration in general:

  • systems thinking
  • complexity theory
  • behavior
  • extrinsic motivation vs. intrinsic motivation
  • authority and delegation
  • employee engagement and team empowerment
  • behavior
  • goal setting
  • structuring times
  • change management
  • ADKAR® model
  • The Five I’s: Information, Identity, Incentives, Infrastructure, Institutions

Whether you are just looking for alternatives to waterfall, how to implement scrum methodology, how agile kanban can help you, or simply how to be a better manager, everyone can learn from Management 3.0.

I strongly advise any leader, even from non-software related areas or companies, to attend. Even though the ideas and insights Jurgen provides during the course are very good and he is an excellent presenter, you can read them in his blog and in his book. What is great in this course is the opportunity to practice and discuss the ideas and insights with Jurgen and the other attendees and the chance to exchange experiences.

Management 3.0 Workshop attendee Joaquim José Rodrigues Torres, computer engineer from ITA and product management director at Locaweb

Management 3.0 helps you improve your Agile Management

Management 3.0 helps you answer questions like:

  • How can I make the rest of my organization more agile?
  • How can I motivate my employees to develop themselves?
  • How can I persuade customers to accept scrum?

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Management 3.0 has you working with other agile managers and developers to change the system, your teammates, your interactions and your environment.

Management 3.0 is the future of management.

Does Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop qualify for PMI-ACP credits?

At Management 3.0, we are not a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute, however, since we’re a training organization offering a agile project management course, our attendees will be able to claim the hours spent focusing on agile project management as Category B PDUs (professional development units.)

According to PMI, you can earn Category B PDUs for your PMI-ACP accredidation by attending relevant educational agile project management courses offered by training organizations not registered with PMI. This may include training (or a webinar) offered by a non-Registered Education Provider training organization.

One hour of instruction related to agile project management equals one PDU. According to our agile project management coaches, all topics taught at workshops are considered relevant to agile project management and thus all hours qualify for PDUs – 16 hours for the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop.

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