Why Management 3.0 is essential for Agile Coaches

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Pedro Serrano is Agile Coach at Keepler, a Spain-based company that was created with a culture based on Management 3.0. Pedro shares what makes Management 3.0 so powerful for Agile Coaches.

What is an Agile Coach and what does an Agile Coach do?

When you are filling the role of an Agile Coach it is essential to know different tools that could be useful for you depending on each situation. An Agile Coach has to be able to help teams and organizations achieve their goals while taking into account both their current situation (AS-IS), and the expected situation (TO-BE). You have to create a plan in order to understand that. And knowing Agile methodologies isn’t enough. It is also important to understand different ways of running a company culture.

And this is where Management 3.0 comes in: A mindset and a set of practices for Agile Coaches to be used depending on the context. 

Why I Consider Management 3.0 Essential For Any Agile Coach:

Management 3.0 is essential for Agile Coaches because it provides great team building activities and tools

One of the most useful aspects of Management 3.0 is the wide range of practices and games you can use in order to work with a team. To align team motivation, you can use Moving Motivators. If you need to define how the decisions are made on a team, you can use Delegation Poker. And each tool has its own physical resource (cards, boards, etc.) in order to be used with your team.

Lallia Cherif, Management 3.0 Facilitator from Morocco shares on Agile Coaching techniques:

Management 3.0 has a real value for Agile Coaches because it gives them the opportunity to reflect on the four main topics for an Agile Coach:

  1. They can work on themselves (personal development: leadership, motivation, emotional intelligence … )  and as we know change and transformation start from the inside.
  2. Management 3.0 offers tools to better understand and connect with individuals in a fun and real way without judgment.
  3. Management 3.0 improves coaches’ understanding of team’s dynamics and interactions.
  4. Management 3.0 helps Agile Coaches better understand organizational complexity and offer actionable tools to work in an environment that supports Agile Teams (Management, HR, Communication …)
Agile Leadership Management Types
Management 3.0 is redefining leadership with management as a group responsibility – essential for an Agile Coach

Agile Coach Tools: Management 3.0 is essential for Agile Coaches because it’s easy to implement 

Sometimes as an Agile Coach you want to start testing a new tool which is very easy to understand, but is very difficult to apply. In my opinion, tools you can find in Management 3.0 are easy to understand and easy to implement. One example of this is Feedback Wrap. It is a very productive tool which is easy to use and can be implemented instantly.

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Marc Nieman, Agile Coach and Management 3.0 Team Member about Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Coach

As Agile coaches it’s our passion to support organizations and people in changing their own habits, environments, and processes.

But we know that, although people may be open to change, they often wonder where to start, how to involve others, and how to make the change lasting?

Coaches all know frameworks like Scrum, Less, SAFe, Kanban, etc. but these are not necessarily the best to use when it comes to changing human behavior and mindset.

Creating a different culture requires a human centric approach, not “just” a framework.

Management 3.0 offers a set of principles and tangible practices that help start, accelerate, and sustain change both on a personal, team, and organizational level.

Based on principles such as engaging people, managing the system (and not the people), and delighting clients we provide ready-to-use tools that any coach can use in his or her assignment.

With a specific focus on leadership in all parts of the organization, because as the saying goes “management is too important to leave to managers”.

Management 3.0 is essential for Agile Coaches because it features organizational practices

Being a facilitator in a team is not the same as being in an organization. When you are dealing with contexts greater than just a team (as a Scrum Master, Service Delivery Manager, etc.) the situations you experience are different from which you are going to find in a department, for example.

Management 3.0 is very appropriate for this context. When you have to help in order to define the global organization of a company (for example), there are tools such as Meddlers that could help you with this task.

Agile Transformational Change
Management 3.0 helps Agile Coaches in transformational change

Thiago Brant, Management 3.0 Facilitator from Brazil shares:

Management 3.0 is based on complex thinking and on management and leadership, two essential topics for acting as an Agile Coach. The foundation of Management 3.0 helps us understand various frameworks and agile tools such as Scrum, Design Thinking and even Kanban.

And on top of this, we still have the six management views, essential to deal with creative professionals who create value for the customer. The effective performance of an Agile Coach requires the foundations of Management 3.0!

Management 3.0 is essential for Agile Coaches because it is supported by a great community

We always feel more confident in something when a lot of people embrace and support it. When I started to use some Management 3.0 practices it was very helpful to have access to the many resources out there. Personally, I prefer the Management 3.0 blog (where you can read about many real-world experiences) and also the Management 3.0 workshops. Once you start to “fly solo” applying these practices you can start to help other people by publishing your experiences. Or simply talk with people who are just getting started.

These are certainly my top reasons for considering Management 3.0 essential for Agile Coaches, but there are many more. In my opinion there is a big difference between being an Agile Coach and being a great Agile Coach.

Management 3.0 makes the difference for a great Agile Coach
Management 3.0 can make the difference between an Agile Coach and a great Agile Coach.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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