The Top Four Holiday Team Productivity Tips

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by Sam at Management 3.0

The holiday season comes (it’s on the way) with a lot of mixed feelings, and for a lot of people, it can mean increased workloads, tight deadlines, and burnout. As managers, you have the power to help make the holiday season easier on your employees and increase their engagement and productivity as well. 

Here are four ways keep your team productive and happy this holiday season:

#1: Recognize good work: Employee recognition is a great way to increase productivity, reduce burnout, and have happier teams. While there are many ways to showcase your appreciation, we recommend moving away from the traditional model and trying something new this year. In the holiday spirit, take the time to write out personalized holiday cards or even Kudo cards to say thanks. Use specific examples of how each employee exceeded your expectations this year for a heartfelt and memorable moment of recognition. 

#2. Embrace giving this holiday season: The holiday season is all about giving, and we suggest you get creative this year. We know that being able to provide employees with things like Christmas bonuses are a great way to recognize good work, but with COVID-19 still affecting the day-to-day, that isn’t feasible for many businesses. This year, try shifting focus to giving back to charitable causes. Organize volunteer days with your teams, raise money for good causes or donate to local charities. Not only will this help get your team in the holiday spirit, but it will provide a small break away from the regular workday. 

#3. Get creative with holiday celebrations: Holiday parties and other employee gatherings are excellent ways to increase morale and foster trust among teams. No matter the budget, throwing a good holiday party gives your employees something to look forward to during this busy time of year. Make your party interesting by incorporating some sort of gift exchange. Secret Santa or White Elephant is a fun way to get people involved and to help your employees get to know each other. Throw in a little gift from the management team as well, whether it be something they can enjoy outside of work or those personalized holiday cards. 

#4. Provide alternative schedules: Getting a break from the nine to five is an excellent way to reduce burnout and motivate your employees. With all the holidays that take place at the end of the year, many people are often left out of the holiday schedule planning. While many businesses allow the day off for Christmas, it’s important to keep in mind that this schedule may not work for everyone. Dedicate a system to allowing employees to book off the times that they need for religious/family events around the holidays. Allowing equal time off for the employees who have different needs and responsibilities will show how much you value your employees’ time and effort. The work will still get done, and you’ll have more appreciative teams because of it.

What tips do you have for staying productive during the holidays and making sure your teams are motivated? Contact us or post your answer in the comments below.

Photo credit Ethan Robertson via Unsplash

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