Don’t Give Up: Five Motivating Tips for New Freelance Writers

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by Kevin Nelson

Setting out on the journey of becoming a freelance writer is similar to having your first baby. The first months are normally quite difficult especially before you’ve found your stability in adapting to this new life. The gravity of the situation could evade you for quite some time until you find yourself in a situation of struggling to maintain your head afloat as you learn while on the fly.

However, as much as it can be quite tasking, it is possible to find ways to make your life as a new freelance writer much easier. Given that 80 percent of Americans have at one point thought of becoming a writer, this article will look at some of the best ways to make your freelance writing venture a success.

Freelance Writer Tip #1: Invest in a Freelance Writer Course

One of the best things that you can do as a freelancer is rip off the shackles of fear of failure when diving into this new world of freelance writing. There are many ways in which you can cultivate this culture of fearlessness in an effective manner. Among them, taking up a course in freelance writing is one of the best things that you could do in order to set an outstanding foundation for your freelance writing career.

With a course on freelancing at hand, you will find yourself in a better position to quickly advance in freelance the industry as opposed to not enrolling at all. This is because you will be provided with the best frameworks available that are required to make new writers acquire success much faster. You will be taught in the most competent ways of pitching and also the mechanics behind how job submissions should be made. These and many more principles that you acquire in such courses could be all that you need to assist you in becoming a better-refined freelance writer within the early stages of your writing.

Freelance Writer Tip #2: Network With Other Freelance Writers

It’s ever wise to take into account the opinion and advice that is accorded to you by other people and especially those that have preceded wearing the shoes that you’re wearing at the moment. In the world of freelance writing, the equivalent of such people corresponds to other freelance writers and to be more precise, the ones that have a good degree of experience.

In order for you to tap into the nourishing pieces of advice that they may have, you first need to reach out to them. The best way to accomplish this is via the use of social media sites that are designated for freelance writers or even take your time to take a tour in various freelance writing sites. Once you’ve established a reliable network of freelance writers, your next step should be utilizing these connections.

This can be done by being free to ask as many questions as you can with the aim of bettering your current amateur position in freelance writing. In addition to seeking clarification on the areas that you don’t understand, networking will also enable you to connect with people that you can toss around ideas to regarding freelance writing and blogging.

Freelance Writer Tip #3: Develop a Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan up your sleeve is one of the most vital tools that you could ever be in possession of because of the simple reason of helping you to remain relevant in any business. The same applies to life in freelance writing because the moment that you’ve landed your very first client, there will be the need for you to do something extra in order to get other subsequent clients.

With a marketing plan already in place, then it becomes possible for your freelance writing career to become a sustainable type of business due to the constant flow of clients. Some of the means that you can use to help market yourself include the likes of setting up a writer website, commenting on the blogs that you desire to have as clients and linking up with various businesses on the social media platforms at your disposal, among many others.

Freelance Writer Tip #4: Pitch on a Daily Basis

It is solely your job as a beginner in freelance writing to pitch as many times as possible. 

Despite the myriad of jobs that you could have already successfully completed to even the extent of having your articles published in magazines or a newspaper, it does not mean that clients will instantly flock towards you. As sad as it might seem, it is simply the cold and hard truth of life in the freelance writing world.

However, there is a remedy for this and this is doing the opposite by chasing after clients until they are aware that you exist. It is solely your job as a beginner in freelance writing to pitch as many times as possible every day in order to draw the attention of clients to you.

Freelance Writer Tip #5: Write Every Day to Get Better

One of the most notorious things that can be the genesis of your lack of inspiration as a freelance writer is the absence of success. Low spirits are among the best ingredients that will drain you of your will to continue writing. However, you should always strive to find ways to maintain the flow of your creative juices in order to remain in the best writing form when you start getting jobs.

The best way to see to it that this is accomplished is to write on a daily basis. You could even write for about 20 minutes on topics that you find most interesting to you at that moment. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and thoroughly tailored but instead, your aim should be to ensure that you are writing something concrete.

Do you have the inspiration to have success as a new freelance writer?

Beginning your career in freelance writing could be quite the hustle and can leave you second-guessing your decision of taking to writing. In the US alone, there are over 145,900 authors and writers, thus showing that the path you’re taking has been walked by many before. The lack of inspiration is mainly because of the many challenges that you’re likely to face in your writing journey. This article has outlined some of the best remedies to make you have a good start to freelance writing.

What have you learned going out on your own and pursuing a freelance career? Please share in the comments below!

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