Do You Know What People Want From Work?

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by Stone Maddox

Never assume that the reasons for your colleagues or employees to work the same. In fact, often want to do different things from work, we can do, employers with a real dilemma, as treatment with the complexity of the efforts meeting. This article offers a variety of opinions about what people want to work.


For many people the reason to pull out of this cozy bed every morning to work in the head, because they want the respect of his colleagues and employer to obtain. No matter what job you do, knowing that it is important to respect people, and that’s why you work harder and longer than anyone else will so that others can see exactly how committed you are and how well you work on it.


While there are some similarities with respect, recognition is different because some people want to be publicly acknowledged for the work to do. In addition ‘to someone who you can not communicate verbally this connection, but the recognition will be achieved only through regular, thanks to the work for your hard work. For others, the need for recognition will be achieved only with awards recognizing their efforts.

Financial rewards

Some people just want financial rewards, so they give a comfortable life and few ambitions have nothing more to gain from the workplace. This can occur at opposite ends spectrum by lazy workers, work and do not show the slightest possibility of a paycheck at the end of month warranty.

Alternatively, highly motivated, especially in a forced sale or target culture, work all hours to generate as much money as possible.

A Career

Often people work as a means to develop a long-term career to see, especially if you are in a professional or military. They want there to overcome the above offer the fastest way to provide security to their working conditions. They dream of retiring at the peak of their chosen field.

An appeal

This is quite different from wanting to make a career. Some employees are looking for a job, this is a useful and satisfying way of life or where you can give more and expect little in return. For many employees this goal appears in their work, will difficult to see where they begin their work life ends and in their social life. An example would be a pastor or charity workers who are dedicated to their work, no matter what.

For an Informal

There are a large number of people who just want to work on one aspect of their social life where they can gain enjoyment from their duties to fulfill. Take, for example, employees who work in bars, pubs or clubs or employees of Universal Studios and Disneyland. Many of these enjoy over and socialize with people, and make her laugh. Your satisfaction knows that others had the fastest time.


Some employees are eager to get a sense of belonging from their work. They like to feel part of a large group and enjoy the values and colleagues will be exchanged to greet them as they get into employment.

Organizations will always be difficult to satisfy all the questions that many employees in the workplace. However, to understand what people want to work is to improve the motivational systems in the workplace and lead to better working conditions, environments, improve productivity and, ultimately, job satisfaction, for the organization.

Do you feel that you know what your employees want? Let us know in the comments below!

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