Tips for Working Well With Co-Workers

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by Annie Grace Flemming

The average person will spend over 90,360 hours working, which is why contributing to a healthy work environment is almost imperative to leading a happy life. Our fellow employees work best as a team when they feel they are valued by the company they work for. Strained relationships between employees can have a significant influence on the overall perspective of the workplace. 

For some, it may not matter how much they are getting paid to be at their jobs if every day the sinking feeling of going to work acts as a roadblock to their eagerness to complete their daily tasks. As we can only benefit from developing healthy work relationships here are five tips for working well with your co-workers. 


Having respect for others in the workplace goes beyond the basics of politeness and proper language. It also means that you are actively respectful of their time. Everyone at your place of work is on some sort of time restraint. Many in the workplace experience a considerable amount of stress and pressure. Taking that into account when working in groups is very important. 

Avoid Gossip 

Although it may be hard at times, gossip should be avoided like the plague in the workplace. Things that are talked about at the water cooler can strike cracks into the very foundation of an office. It’s a surefire way to create great animosity between coworkers. When it comes to gossip, steer clear of it. Rather than manifesting a cloud of resentment that hangs over the heads of your fellow employees, try to be the ever-present sunshine that doesn’t give in to workplace drama. 

Give Credit Where It’s Due 

It’s unfortunate that out of all the compliments and praise we may receive, we rarely remember them in comparison to any negativity that has come our way in the past. When a fellow employee is continuously torn down, they will most likely lose interest in their tasks as they begin to feel like nothing they do is ever enough. Giving our co-workers compliments when they achieve something work-related can only benefit your working relationships and ensures that that person will continue to work hard for the company. 

Keep it Professional, Not Personal 

It may seem obvious to many. However, there are always the unsuspected few that are somehow ill-informed about appropriate behavior in the workplace. We must never forget that when we are at work, we are there to work. A professional work environment is easily achieved by keeping social interactions with our co-workers on a professional level. 

Be a Great Listener 

Everyone can benefit from being a good listener whether they are at work or home. Listening does not mean merely waiting for your turn to talk. If you really listen to those around you, you’re bound to learn something new every day. 

Following these simple, essential, tips are the key to creating a smooth sailing work environment. If you’re not exactly hitting it off with your fellow employees, you may want to consider what else might be going on in your place of work at the time. Of course, there may always be discouragements and antipathy throughout your working life but striving to do your best to create a protective bubble of professionalism and cheerfulness can only discourage those hostilities.

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Does your team work well together? Comment below your tips for having a happy and well-functioning team!

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