Eight Caffeine-Free Workplace Energizers To Beat Mid-Day Drowsiness At Work

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by Riya Sander

I’m not feeling very ‘worky’ today.

Mid-day drowsiness is a common experience across the globe. Some people blame the afternoon-sleep phenomenon on circadian rhythms, which trigger sleep signals. After conducting extensive research, scientists revealed the factors that contribute to mid-day drowsiness.

Since some cultures promote daytime naps or siestas, the body develops a natural rhythm of afternoon sleep. Some corporations in different countries such as Japan and Spain incorporate daytime naps into their working hours. However, this strategy has made most working adults less productive in the afternoon. Instead of using caffeine, employees can use other healthier ways to fight this menace.  Here are eight tips on how to avoid falling asleep in the office after lunch.

Workplace Energizer #1: Eat breakfast

Most people experience drowsiness because of their habits of skipping breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast before starting your day is important, as it gives you adequate energy for the day. Food rich in protein such as eggs, shakes, cereals, and butter should be eaten in the morning. Moreover, you should learn to eat low glycemic index foods frequently. You should avoid consuming too much sugar, as it will boost your sugar levels prompting you to sleep.

Workplace Energizer #2: Get adequate sleep

Getting enough sleep at night keeps you energized throughout the day. If you have trouble sleeping, you should consider keeping a record of when and how much you sleep — many wearables like Fitbits will do this for you.

To avoid the afternoon slump, consider establishing a consistent bedtime routine. Experts contend that six to eight hours of sleep helps the mind stay alert throughout the day. When you get home, interact with your family, eat, quiet your mind, and get to sleep. A mattress can also affect your sleep. You need to select a comfortable mattress to enjoy maximum sleep at night.

Workplace Energizer #3: Take a break

When you become tired at work, take a break for five minutes. During the break, you can get a cup of herbal tea, which has elements of L-Theanine, a crucial chemical that relieves anger. You may also prepare a good cup of chocolate, which calms the nerves, stabilizes metabolism and regulates the levels of stress hormones. To avoid drowsiness, you may bite a mango, munch a crunchy snack, slurp some honey and chew gum, as a fruity and minty flavor beats stress quickly and reduces anxiety. In addition, brain teasers like putting together strategy puzzles or playing board games with coworkers activate the brain — and are good for an energizing chuckle! — thus keeping drowsiness at bay.

Workplace Energizer #4: Eat a smaller lunch

Eating large quantities of food during lunchtime is one of the major causes of afternoon drowsiness. In the afternoon, you should opt for smaller satisfying foods with a high protein content than carbohydrates. Some of the foods that you may eat during lunch break are black bean burger, salad, and grilled chicken. Research indicates that lemon scent gives you mental stimulation while boosting your mood. Peeling an orange can help in enhancing mental stimulation.

Workplace Energizer #5: Take an afternoon nap

The easiest solution to afternoon fatigue is taking a catnap. A power nap of between ten and twenty minutes can make you stay alert while boosting your productivity and creativity. However, you should consider setting an alarm to avert oversleeping, as it can make you wake up more tired. Most company cultures do not subscribe to the idea of midday napping.

Deliberations with management may help employees to enjoy a catnap and remain productive throughout the day.

Workplace Energizer #6: Stay hydrated

Scientific study reveals that dehydration results in fatigue and drowsiness. Instead of chugging sugary carbonated drinks, workers are encouraged to consume water, as it boosts energy levels. Even though water ranks as the best bet for averting excessive calories, tea, coffee, fruit juice, soda, and milk contribute to the daily fluid intake. Men should consider drinking three liters while women should aim to consume 2.2 liters daily. Since alcohol causes a hangover, it is healthy to avoid it. However, if you drank alcohol last night, drink lots of water and apple juice the next day to enhance blood sugar and remain energetic throughout the day.

Workplace Energizer #7: Workout

When you work out during midday, you enhance your productivity and ward off sleepiness. If you cannot make it to the gym, you can engage in light exercises, including taking the stairs, split squat jumps, yoga, taking a stroll, and catching up with new employees and coworkers. Fab abs squeeze and wall pushups activate blood flow and stimulate your mind, thus helping you avoid drowsiness. According to a research published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, walking boosts your mood while exposure to nature decreases depression. Exercising will give you a fitness value in addition to mental health.

Workplace Energizer #8: Avoid overworking

More often, people strain their brains while working on one task and then jumping to another immediately. You should learn to let your mind relax and allow the body to renew its energy before starting the next task. Working on a single task for a longer period becomes boring, resulting in low motivation and fatigue. Switching to a different task within short intervals can be stimulating and interesting. Moreover, music activates the mind, helping you to stay focused and energized. The effect of listening to different tunes is more effective when one is using headphones.

How do you stay energized and motivated at work?

Other remedies of drowsiness include interacting with people who boost your energy levels. It is prudent to adjust your sitting posture at work — try standing while you work for a couple hours a day. However, you should understand that afternoon fatigue is a normal experience. It is crucial to study your midday slump patterns. This situation will help you to comprehend the time within which you are less productive owing to drowsiness.

To this end, you will follow the above-mentioned tips to avert mid-day drowsiness. If the situation intensifies, visit a doctor. Doctors can prescribe specific medications to cure daytime drowsiness.

How do you get your workplace boost? Tell us below!

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