Happiness with a Business Model

Vasco Duarte
Vasco Duarte

In this episode, Vasco Duarte inspires us to overcome the obstacles, break down the barriers, and launch a “Happiness with a Business” model… in just seven days.

In this inspiring podcast, Vasco gets us ready for what’s to come the following week, when he’ll walk us through creating a successful business model, one where we can actually sell things. He says the first step: Speak to ten people and find out what problems they need solved.

2 thoughts on "Happiness with a Business Model"

  • Barkan Saeed - Uber Business Model says:

    I loved this content. It’s very powerful and valuable for us to understand how things are easy in business model. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.

  • Sam Mednick says:

    Thanks for the comments Barkan, I’mg lad you found it useful. Please do subscribe to the podcast and you’ll get the latest shows as they air.

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