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by Wendy Dessler

Getting The Cocktail Right

Coffee. It’s the most accepted substance containing a psychoactive drug in modern history. Caffeine is psychoactive, and your body will develop a physical dependence on it with continued use. That’s one reason you truly do need your coffee in the morning, and if you don’t get some at some point, you’ll get a headache.

Caffeine acts as a surrogate to traditional chemical compounds in the brain. The brain is smart enough to not over-produce these compounds when they have an abundance of them through caffeine. Accordingly, this means if the caffeine suddenly disappears, the brain has a gap it must fill, and this is where the headaches live.

Still, caffeine seems to have many more positive effects than negative. Decaf coffee blends provide all the delicious flavor and psychological placebo effect of traditional brews. Caffeine amounts in decaf are so negligible they won’t impact you physically even after long-term use—at least for the most part.

Here’s the thing: differing strengths and brewing methods will impact your coffee accordingly. For many people, getting the most caffeine possible is the goal. For others, the right flavor is that which is sought, and for many, a perfect marriage between these extremes is achieved. Everyone has their own proclivities. To get your coffee cocktail right, you want to know the options available, and even experiment a bit.

Get The Right Preparation Equipment

To get the best possible brew, you want to find equipment which fits your proclivities. Sometimes you’re going to want different things. A basic cup of coffee brewed through a filter fits the basic need of most coffee drinkers, but if the flavor is terrible, drinking it can be a chore, and distract you; this isn’t productive. You need to find preparation methods serving your specific tastes.

According to this article: “Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews: Which One Is Right For You? – Home Grounds”, you can achieve a variety of top-tier coffee concoctions through the latest coffee-making machines; whether you’re looking for a whole pot or just a single cup, you can experience: “The perfect single cup brewing along with the option of brewing an entire carafe, hot, iced, or café forte…”

Once you’ve got the right equipment, you can save yourself time and money while achieving maximum related productivity. You can additionally experiment with different brewing methods and beans as it suits you.

Getting The Mix Right

Here’s a list of nine rules designed to help you make the best possible cup of coffee. To summarize, you want to buy beans that are fresh (and perhaps store them in a freezer over the long haul), keep them as fresh as you can, ensure those beans are qualitative at a basic level, be your own preparer (the finer the grind, the better), use water that’s reliable, spend a little more on better filters, use the right amount of ground coffee, use water at the proper heat, and ensure brewing equipment is clean.

These are all basic steps you may expect, but there are a few more intrinsic things you can do to even further increase coffee effectiveness—and in a scientific way. There’s a new “biohacking” trend emphasized by the “bulletproof” coffee preparation method. It’s really worth looking into.

Basically, a little butter, a little salt—and sometimes even pepper—are added to coffee in varying ways. Butter coffee will give you energy all day, but you want the best possible butter. It should come from grass-fed bovines, and be as near totally natural as possible. As a general rule of thumb, the more natural the ingredients, the better the brew. The Tibetans used to use fresh Yak butter.

You can conduct varying searches online for just the right mix. Basically, the right level of salt will help regulate your body’s water balance, while reducing the diuretic effect of the concoction, reducing the need for evacuation. Ketosis is additionally facilitated through butter coffee, which helps burn fat. Food cravings reduce and mental clarity increases.

Upgrading Your Morning Routine

Caffeine has a lot more positive effects than negative effects, or so it would seem. Augmenting your morning coffee with preparation techniques refined through hundreds of years of coffee production, and hundreds of years of unique recipes which include things like salt or butter can really help you maximize the positive benefits of the brew.

It’s important not to overdo it, as your body will build up a tolerance to caffeine with time. Where before, a pot of coffee would have made your stomach feel weird and given you a strange trembling jitteriness, now you may barely notice you’ve had a cup. For maximum productivity in coffee, it’s essential to moderate your intake accordingly.

A moderated coffee intake which ingests a brew derived from the best preparation techniques, and the best possible ingredients (including some strange ones like butter) can give you the most “bang for your buck”, as the saying goes, instituting forward productivity in noticeable quantities.

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How much coffee do you drink every day? Do you feel that it makes you more productive? Let us know in the comments below!

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