7 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

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by Lucy Benton

We’re living in a world in which social media is numbering between the top powerful digital forces in the world. Only Facebook gathers monthly on average more than 2 billion active users. Other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram are accessed on a daily basis by at least hundreds of millions of users.

For these social networks turned out to be an enormous talent pool, lots of companies all over the world started to leverage them to recruit promising candidates. Now, as a job hunter, you must be aware of this technique and leverage them to improve your job search. Nowadays, finding your job on social media has become the new trend, for almost half of the population are now searching for jobs on social media.

Now you don’t have to create a profile on every existing social platform, on the contrary, you must do your research and choose 3 most suitable social networks for your professional interests.

If you’re interested in a fashion designer career, Instagram would be the first place where a designer will look for potential employees. But, generally, there are 3 social platforms which generate the best results for job hunters:

  • Facebook: Being the largest social platform, recruiters started to leverage its power as a place where you can find almost anyone. You can use Facebook either to build a personal professional brand or to share personal career stuff to be more reachable for recruiters.
  • Twitter: More than half of Twitter users are now gaining approx. $50,000/year if not more, meaning that a lot of business people recruit from this social platform. People usually make themselves more reachable for recruiters by tweeting informative ideas and news according to their niche.
  • LinkedIn: The first social platform designed exclusively for business purposes. It becalmed the main place where people prove their professional skills and ideas in order to make connections with people in the same field which most often leads to new opportunities.

Now that you realized how drastically social media can improve your job search, we can move to the next step, leveraging these channels of communication. Therefore, in today’s post, a professional HR team from essay company A-writer.com are explaining 7 most efficient ways to use social media in your job search.

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The world of looking for a new job is changing in the technological era! Let us know in the comment below what you did to find your dream job!

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