How Can Managers Foster Skills That Computers Don’t Teach?

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by Sam, Management 3.0

In order to foster a growth mindset and be adaptable and forward thinking, companies need to embrace the traits and skills that computers don’t have, says, Steph South, Global HR Business Partner, on Agile HR.

“We have traits and skills that computers don’t have,” says Steph, such as creativity and ethics.

So how can managers help employees think about skills that can’t only be done through technology?

#1: Foster a growth mindset

There is a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and at the heart of a growth mindset, is a passion for learning rather than a hunger for approval. People with growth mindsets aren’t discouraged by failure, they take every opportunity to learn.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

#2: Help people become the best versions of themselves

No amount of technology can push people to constantly want to improve. Good managers and leaders make time to have constructive conversations with their employees and encourage people to take risks and keep growing in their careers.

#3: Embrace culture

Be it remote or in the office, you can’t ‘compute’ your way to culture. Companies need to decide what kind of work culture they want to promote and embrace and work daily to foster that type of environment.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

#4: Create a culture & values book

One great way to create culture is to know what your values are as a team and as individuals. A great way to do this is by creating a book, where each person writes down what’s important to them and to the team. It’s something that can be read and held and referred to consistently, to remind colleagues of why the work you’re doing matters.

#5: Move people towards a vision

A good leader revisits goals and objectives not only with the team as a whole, but with individuals. This is key to creating happier and more productive employees because it shows that you’ve invested in your people.

#6: Push creativity

Computers can’t foster creativity like living life can. Managers need to encourage people to speak to colleagues, go for walks, and experience as much as possible, online and offline, so that people can get ideas and think outside the box and bring new life to their projects.

Creative Workplace

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