Five Skills You’ll Learn After Taking The Agility in HR Workshop

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by Sam, Management 3.0

The Agility in HR Workshop is focused on the importance of infusing agile into the HR world. It’s a course that doesn’t only foster personal development, but it helps recruiters working in or closely with human resources learn about the Agile mindset, organizational design, roles, career paths, performance, goals & motivation, promotions, talent acquisition and retention as well as learning and development.

So why should you take this course? We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons:

#1 Thing You’ll Learn After taking the Agility in HR Course – How to Support the new way of working

Agile HR Workshop by Management 3.0
Is the Agile HR Workshop the right one for you?

The old ways of working are quickly changing, traditional hierarchal structures and matrixed organizations can impede workflow and impact the decisions we make.

Older structures that centered around functional silos are also shifting. The workshop will help people come up with alternative approaches to organizational design such as how to create effective cross-functional teams that align with a company’s values and strategies. It’ll also teach you how to align people around value streams that can adapt and respond quickly to consumers and the market’s changing needs.

#2 Thing You’ll Learn After taking the Agility in HR Course – Alternative Options to the Linear Career path

Gone are the days where we strived to get a job and retire decades later from the same company. There’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional career path, but it’s good to know there are now other ways to grow professionally. This workshop will explain why the fixed career path can pose obstacles, especially in companies that want to be adaptive and respond to changing needs. It’ll teach you what you can do to give employees alternative options.

For example, by getting employees to chart their own learning journey and invest in new skills/roles that deliver value for their teams. Or by explaining the link between capability and value creation through a personal map. Because people are likely to stay in roles/organizations for shorter periods than before, it’s important to help them navigate how to shift not only out of a company, but within, especially if you want to retain talent.

#3 Thing You’ll Learn After taking the Agility in HR Course – How to Create a Real Learning Organization

Technology has rapidly changed the way we work and the only way to keep up with the ever changing needs is to enable a culture of learning. All roles need to have a component of learning built into them because if people aren’t learning they become stagnant, which in turn can lead to demotivation and disengagement. This workshop will explore how having a growth mindset is key to creating a safe environment where people aren’t afraid to experiment and fail and one that fosters continuous improvement.

The growth mindset also emphasizes the importance of growth not only on an individual level but a team level.

#4 Thing You’ll Learn After taking the Agility in HR Course – How to find, nurture and retain top talent

Your company and team is only as good as your employees, which is why loyal, engaged and motivated colleagues is essential to keeping the engine running and to being successful. In this workshop you’ll learn how to think differently when it comes to innovative sourcing about how and where you find talent and why it’s important to adopt the mindset that, “Everyone owns recruiting”.

You’ll also learn about the power of the practical interview, scrapping the more traditional ways of asking questions and find out and why most companies don’t effectively evaluate talent and end up making the wrong decisions. In this workshop you’ll learn why testing for both skills and culture fit are imperative for finding the right person.

#5 Thing You’ll Learn After taking the Agility in HR Course – How to Better Empower, Engage and Motivate Teams

If you don’t know how to create an environment, of fast learning, tolerating failure and the ability to adapt, then it’s hard to enable effective performance among teams and the company on a whole. Agile environments value and allow people to give continuous feedback and support, helping to turn “blame cultures” into “trust cultures”. This workshop will not only help you with the above but by doing so it’ll show you other ways to engage, motivate and empower teams.

You’ll walk away understanding how to appeal to someone’s intrinsic motivation and how to foster cultures that empower people and bring out the best in them.

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