Five small ways to feel happy at work

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by Katie Maurice

Have you ever put a puzzle together? Remember, how wonderfully you felt after it was completed? Absolute satisfaction. And what about that feeling when you didn’t find the right piece? Emptiness, disappointment and a lack of motivation.

Well, life is kind of a puzzle. Except for one little detail — we create the pieces of each life on our own. And this is true for all the parts of our life: personal, social and professional.

However, if the form of the first two parts depends mostly on us, the form of the third part — professional — changes due to a plenty of external factors. And the only way to complete the picture is to learn how to deal with them.

If you would like to enjoy the full life — where all the pieces fit nicely together — make use of these simple, but effective tips.

How to Be Happy at Work Tip #1: Work smarter.

The tempo of modern life forces us to work more and more every day. We read that successful people, like Margaret Thatcher, slept less than four hours, while that great inventor Henry Ford worked 18 hours a day. So, it is no wonder, eventually, we start thinking it is the only way — if you want to succeed you need to do the same.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

First, we are all different — the fact that it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it would work for you. Second, modernity sets the new rules. Today we work smarter, not longer. More doesn’t mean better.

Practice brainstorming, stand-up meetings, concentration exercises. Apply new methods in your professional life to working effectively.

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How to Be Happy at Work Tip #2: Find time for yourself.

Do not spend all the day staring at your laptop. Always go have lunch outside the office. With no exceptions. Your brain needs a rest, your body needs to move. Treat them appropriately.

Make breaks. Monotone work for a long time becomes ineffective work. Grab a book, leave your workplace and read a novel you enjoy for 15 minutes. Go outside for a walk. Have a nap after all.

Yes, you are at work, and should work hard. But this is another day of your life as well. So, live it now. The happy worker is the profitable worker.

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How to Be Happy at Work Tip #3: Make a friend.

Friends are a mighty source of energy. Being friends with at least one of your colleagues will make your way to work a pleasant anticipation.

Find the person you are interested in. Make a connection. Share your hobbies, talk about your weekend. Soon, you’ll find yourselves laughing while drinking morning coffee in the kitchen — having no oppressive thoughts about your duties. Your friend will support you in difficult situations, which won’t be so difficult anymore.

Don’t be afraid of being sincere. Your colleagues are just like you. Make a move and add some joy to your weekdays.

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How to Be Happy at Work Tip #4: Think about the future.

If there is something bothers you, refocus.

For example, if your boss wants you to have a business trip you don’t want to take, do not argue. Change the perspective. Think about the advantages of your trip, like useful connections, fresh thoughts, the experience you might get.

Or if you couldn’t cope with the task you got, do not panic. Keep trying and think how it will help to build the career you’ve dreamt about, what value it will add to you as a qualified specialist.

‘Everything happens for the best’ are not just words, it is the program you set for your life.

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How to Be Happy at Work Tip #5: Get feedback.

Doubts are the demons that make you feel insecure about your achievements. They are the reasons you back down and keep you from fighting for your ideas.

Stop assuming what people think of you. Ask for feedback. Try to plan at least monthly one-on-one meetings with your boss, during which you will give each other feedback. Your boss will let you know about the results of your work and further expectations, and you will express your thoughts and feelings concerning that work.

In this case, you will know for sure about the real state of affairs and keep your perspective in line.

What are your ways to be happy at work? Tell us in the comments below small ways to be more mindful and find joy in anything you do.

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    being happy in a job can also be about the people you work with, management and core values of that business. If you work in a toxic workplace this may have a huge impact on wellbeing and job satisfaction

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