5 Ways to Motivate Your Team Through Exercise

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by Cloe Matheson

Keeping the members of your team moving throughout their working day can improve their overall health, boost creativity, improve motivation, increase job satisfaction, and reduce their average amount of sick days. It’s a win-win situation! Try these five ways to motivate your team through exercise.

Standing desks and active workstations

If you’re keen for a big change, set aside your normal desks and chairs and get standing desks for your employees. Studies have shown that some people who use adjustable-height desks have experienced weight loss, reduced back pain, lower blood sugar, improved mental health, decreased cholesterol levels, and reduced risk of heart disease.

However, simply standing all day is not enough.  To properly give your body the exercise it needs to stay strong and healthy, you need to keep moving while you are standing. Many people wear rocker-soled shoes when they use standing desks. These promote constant motion, which is what you really need to gain the most out of your standing desks.

Another idea is to make your employee’s workstations more active. Offer different sitting options, like kneeling stools, large floor cushions, and ergonomic chairs. Let them work standing for set times, with short intervals of sitting in between: such as an hour standing, fifteen minutes sitting, etc. Encourage your staff to deliver messages in person instead of sending an email, and to move about as much as possible during their break times.

Sitting exercises

Encourage your team to exercise while sitting by getting them saddle seats and rocking footrests. These items force you to constantly change your center of gravity balanced.

Otherwise, you could suggest some simple exercises for your employees to do while working at their desks. Lower leg swings and similar exercises that concentrate on a certain small group of muscles can all be done without interfering with working.

Regular breaks

Let your team take regular short breaks throughout the day. A few minutes of walking, stretching, or even yoga can help get your team’s creative juices flowing.

Create a green space, a garden or a rooftop planting – just a few minutes spent surrounded by natural vegetation can help calm, center, and inspire your team. Also, try not to force unreasonable deadlines or ask your team to work overtime many times in a row. Allowing your employees to balance their home and work life will give them more energy to establish a healthy exercise regime outside of work.

Designated exercise space

Set aside an unused office as an exercise space. Encourage your team to use this space during shorter breaks for a quick stretching session, a few sit-ups, or some yoga poses. Have exercise mats and sets of equipment available inside.

You could even install a trampoline. A few minutes of bouncing is great exercise and also stimulates creativity and thought processes.  Allow your employees to wear comfortable clothes to work so they can move around freely and can grab a few minutes of exercise without having to get changed beforehand. Encourage organized

Team-building trips

Take your employees on trips especially for team-building. Adventure sports like rafting or climbing are ideal – through these, your employees will get the benefit of exercise, as well as discover new capabilities and build a great team spirit.

Participating in activities together helps to promote respect and empathy between the members of your team. You can also set a good example by encouraging your team to participate in charity runs and swims, or get involved in community projects such as tree planting or beach clean-ups. All these activities combine physical activity with the satisfaction of doing something positive for someone else or for the planet. exercise activities during the lunch break – such as jogs through the local park or a quick game of tennis. Inspire your employees to create an office team for football, cricket, rugby, or whatever sport you wish. If your company is big enough, you could even set up an inter-office league for fun competition.

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What kind of exercises do you do at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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