Are You Getting Sick at Office?

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Infographic Sick Building Syndrome
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by Jessica Morgan

You are happy because you are passionate about your job because you got a job that you really love. You are happy with your work because you have a great team, great colleagues, and an understanding job. Moreover, you have job satisfaction because there is enough opportunity for growth and your job pays well.

In spite of all this, you are somehow not happy, you have unending fatigue bothering you, you are calling in sick off late or going home after a half day at office feeling really sick, which is soon turning into a displeasure among your team and your boss.

You even visited several doctors, but none of them could pinpoint what exactly is bothering you and each doctor is coming up with his or her own diagnosis, which is all making you rather depressed?

Relax! There is nothing to worry about, as you may be experiencing what is called Sick Building Syndrome.

There have been several studies done and surveys taken to know the happiness factors at a workplace, and the office environment, which includes the office building, the interiors, cleanliness, lighting, ventilation, etc. an important factor for happiness at the workplace.

If you are working in a place that has bad lighting, bad ventilation, a dusty unclean place with too much humidity, then it can be difficult for you to be happy at such a place. The reason for your unhappiness could be that you feel sick as soon as you enter the office building.

You may be getting bad headaches, feeling dizzy, having shortness of breath and chest pain or having a runny or stuffy nose, itchy skin, fatigue, etc.

When you experience these symptoms you obviously cannot be happy or concentrate on your work or respond properly to your colleagues or boss.

This sick feeling when you enter a building has been identified by WHO and WHO has coined a term for it called Sick Building Syndrome.

These symptoms can reduce as soon as you get out of the building, and once outdoors you may start feeling a little better. One of the common cause of this syndrome is an open office plan. An open office plan can have poor air quality and the air indoors can be 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoors.

There are several other contaminants that can be the cause of poor air quality inside the building which is divided into two groups – volatile organic compounds (VOC) and biological contaminants. VOCs include items like carpets, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, air fresheners, printers and photocopiers, adhesives, paint, new furnishings, etc. biological contaminants include mold, viruses, pollen, etc. This syndrome is costing the employers and economy a fortune around the world.

If you are one of the people who is experiencing this or if your employees are complaining about this issue, then you should go through this infographic. It has all the details you need to know about Sick Building Syndrome and also some measure to minimize the issue in the office building. Hope this infographic can be of help to you.

Do you find yourself getting sick at work all the time? Comment below what you do to fight off cold and flu season!

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