Four reasons it’s time to change jobs

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by Mila Sanchez

We try and focus on being happy at work. We do our best to find ways to create happiness and good culture at our current jobs for ourselves and for those around us. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves so miserable at a job, it seems impossible to see any sort of happy future. Whether you’re bored out of your mind, or you’ve found yourself in a really toxic work environment, it can be stressful to stay at a job that is causing you so much personal grief. In fact that continuous stress could affect both your mental and physical health.

Here are some signs that you should definitely start looking for a new job.

Reason to Change Jobs #1: Anywhere but here.

You constantly think about being anywhere but your workplace, so much so that it’s affecting your productivity. This is bound to happen every once in awhile, even for a few weeks at a time, but when you constantly feel this way for months on end, it might be time to find something new.

Reason to Change Jobs #2: Can’t get up!

You are finding it hard to get out of bed every morning, not because you didn’t get enough sleep, but you are just dreading another day at your work. On the other side, not being able to sleep at night knowing that you have to go to work the next day. These are both classic signs of depression and anxiety. If your job is bringing out these feelings in you, you should start looking for something else.

Reason to Change Jobs #3: Out-of-control stress.

You feel chronically stressed during your work day in a way that makes your heart rate rise and keeps you constantly on the edge of having a giant meltdown. This continuous stress can actually give you high blood pressure, constant headaches, upset stomach, even chest pains. If you let it continue for too long, you could possibly do permanent damage to your physical health. It’s time to start looking for something less stressful.

Reason to Change Jobs #4: All hope is gone.

You aren’t happy, and you can’t see yourself at your current career long-term. This doesn’t sound as serious as the other signs, but, if you really think about it, it is. We get one life, and if you are miserable 40 hours out of the week, that makes for a lot of unhappy hours in your lifetime. Start looking for something different.

Wait, wait, but don’t change jobs yet!

You might be thinking after reading these reasons that you can relate and that it’s time for change, but don’t quit your job just yet! Before you go and tell your boss that you’ve had enough and you’re out, you need to be careful to assess whether it’s the right time to find a new career. (Unless you’re independently wealthy then go forth!)

As much as you want to rage-quit your job, you have to be smart about it. Quitting a job before you have another job lined up is dangerous if you have a lot of bills and other financial obligations. But when looking for a new place of employment, not just anything should do. If you are already immensely dissatisfied with your current job, hopping to the first one that will hire you likely isn’t going to yield better results. Take the time to find a job you’re interested in, and that you can see yourself wanting to commit to for the long run. Look closely at the job market — is it difficult to find work right now? If you’ve got enough savings and ambition, maybe it’s time to start that business you’ve been dreaming up for years.

If you are stressed and unhappy at your job, reflect on if it’s time to start looking to a new one. If you decide it’s time to move on, be smart about it. Taking the time to look into what you really want out of your working life and career is going to be key in finding happiness in your next workplace.

Have you quit your job and made a positive life change? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo: Niklas Hamann (Unsplash)

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