Seven Great Ideas to Hosting Successful Events

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by Rishi Surya Palace Hotel

While now might not be the time for in person events, there will be a time when they will resume and when they do, we want you to be ready!

Corporate events generally have a common goal – employees want to relax and spend some memorable time with colleagues. Such events have gradually shifted their focus from boring speeches to exciting activities, games and practices. From cooking sessions to stand-up comedy, corporate event planning is evolving to include unusual activities.

Choosing a banquet hall is the first and most important step in corporate event planning. Check whether the banquet hall of your choice is equipped with the necessary infrastructure or not. Once the banquet hall is decided, you need to plan the programs to be included in the event. Don’t rely only on having impressive speakers. To ensure that your corporate event leaves a lasting impression, it’s important to keep the participants entertained and engaged.

Here’s a list of 7 interesting ideas that are sure to make your corporate event memorable:

#1: Leverage the Power of Social Media
Use social media to create a buzz around the upcoming event. Give glimpses of interesting aspects of the event. Have a live-tweeting competition during the event. You can make teams and ask them to tweet about the event using interesting hash tags. After wrapping up, you can upload the pictures of the event and encourage participants to share their takeaways as well.

#2: Install Interactive Drinks and Food Stations
Food and drinks are a very crucial part of all events. Rather than the usual buffet, think of some creative options. For instance, interactive drinks and food stations are sure to delight the attendees. You can have a customizable cocktail bar or a live stir-fry station. The options are limitless. The attendees are sure to have the time of their lives by letting loose their inner chefs.

#3: Rope in a Corporate Comedian
Comedy sessions are the hottest trend in corporate events nowadays. And why not?! Everyone loves a good laugh and the corporate world is full of instances that can tickle anybody’s funny bones. So, rope in a corporate comedian. From photocopier struggle stories to stolen coffee breaks, a corporate comedy session is sure to leave the attendees laughing their hearts out.

#4: Include Some Graffiti Fun
Add some thrill to your corporate event by bringing in a graffiti artist. The participants will enjoy watching a huge piece of art being created, and you can even ask them to contribute to the mural. The final product can be offered as a prize for the winner of a raffle at the end of the event.

#5: Consider Projection-mapping
Make the event engaging by offering the best of visual stimulation. With projection-mapping (at Management 3.0 we suggest personal mapping) you can portray projections that range from simple indoor stage effects to complex videos of industrial landscapes. Use technology to create interactive 3D displays with vibrant textures and colors. You can even sync the line-up of speakers with respective visual narratives to make speeches more engaging and get people motivated.

#6: Before anything else, make sure you have a plan checklist in place. This will make your planning process smoother. You can also let the employees design the corporate event. Ask them what they would like to experience in a corporate event. This can considerably cut down your research. The employees can suggest their favorite singers, chefs, speakers, and their dream activities. You can then merge the feasible options with your schedule.

#7: Also, remember that budget plays an important role. Your ideas may seem great on paper but they can cost a bomb when you implement them. Hence, work out the costs involved in your ideas and make sure that there are no hidden charges.

Lastly, try and weave interaction and memorable and sensory elements into your corporate event. A corporate event with these three elements is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Photo Credit Teemu Paananen via Unsplash

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