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by Sam at Management 3.0

We recently highlighted our best remote working podcasts and figured it was time to share the best remote tips with you, curated from our fabulous blog. Whether you’re working remotely now for the first time or if you’ve had years of experience, we bet this list will at the very least offer you a few new insights into what it takes to be successful at working remotely.

#1: Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Remote Worker: Having a great work ethic, routine, and direction are necessary to successfully work remotely. Whether you are working for a software development company as a developer or as a remote consultant, you need to have a game-plan, one that would keep you productive, active and focused.

#2: Managing Remote Workers, How Can We Maximize Productivity?: Advances in business technology have made it possible to work from places other than the office. As both workers and managers navigate these new remote work capabilities, benefits and challenges have emerged. One of the biggest challenges has proven to be how to manage these remote workers.

#3: 8 Remote Team Leadership Do’s and Don’ts: Successful remote workers go about their day quite differently than those who work in office settings. This requires a vastly different managerial style to help encourage them to do their best. Here’s what TO and not TO DO.

#4: Remote Working, Leave your Office and Go Home: Working from home (or anywhere) can mean that we never turn off. But that isn’t always healthy. Learn how to leave your office and your work at home!

#5: How to Effectively Manage Remote Employees in Multi-Locations: As businesses grow to achieve an international presence, more daunting challenges are presenting themselves on the table for workers and managers. The huge task, however, lies on the managers whose managerial skills are being put to the ultimate test with the need for remote management skills.

#6: Four Tips to Establish Your Value as a Remote Worker: Remote work and flexible working arrangements are gaining traction in the mainstream workforce. Previously labelled unconventional or alternative, remote work arrangements are forcing businesses to reimagine what normal looks like and change the way teams are managed. Make sure you know how to show your value.

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