Six Ways To Increase Productivity Working From Home

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by Kristen Thompson, Management 3.0’s podcast producer

The pandemic has drastically changed the way we work. For many, working from home is unchartered territory and has brought new challenges. Our homes are full of distractions. Electronics, families, pets – everywhere we turn there’s the potential to be less and less productive. Here are six things you can do to boost productivity while working from home:

#1 Way to increase productivity working from home, Take breaks, and often: When working remotely, we like to always be on. We feel that unless we show up for every meeting or work every hour of the day, it will lessen our value, but this mindset can reduce productivity. Taking breaks is a great way to refresh your brain and bring a little happiness back into your routine. Grab a coffee, work out, watch an episode of your favourite show, your work will still be there when you get back.

#2 Way to increase productivity working from home, Use your sick days: Many people think that just because they are working from home, they don’t need to take care of themselves, but this couldn’t be less true. If you’re feeling unwell, burnt out, or can feel your mental health declining, use one of your sick days to decompress. Allowing yourself these days off can leave you feeling refreshed.

#3: Way to increase productivity working from home, Eat better: Being productive is a lot easier when your body is properly fueled. It’s tempting to reach for junk food when you’re sitting at home, but one of the most important ways to stay on your game is to take care of yourself. Prep your meals for the week ahead and replace the stash of candy on your desk for a healthier alternative. This will give you more energy during the day and leave you feeling good in the process!

#4: Way to increase productivity working from home, Keep your desk clean: Clutter is distracting. If you’re working in a messy environment, your mind will wander and keep you from getting things done. Tidy up your workspace at the end of every day to ensure that each morning will start fresh and lead to a more productive day.

#5: Way to increase productivity working from home, Socialize with your colleagues: One of the hardest parts of shifting to remote work is no longer being around your colleagues. Feelings of loneliness and disconnect can be draining and will play a huge part in unproductive workdays. Use messaging services like Slack to decompress and check in on each other and schedule time for fun outside of work.

#6: Way to increase productivity working from home, Leave the house on your lunch break: Your lunch break should be exactly that, a break! Get out of the house and away from work for at least 20 minutes daily The fresh air is a great way to wake up. Go for a walk in a park or enjoy a book in your backyard, and feel the stress start to melt away.

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