Top 5 Ways to Be a More Efficient Manager

- Agile and Lean Principles

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Scrum and Agile project management methodologies are being aggressively embraced by organizations worldwide to add more cutting-edge to their customer services and to expedite the completion of critical projects accurately. If you want to take your Scrum skills to the next level, becoming a Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD) is imperative. The CSD certification will reinforce the technical skills needed for proficiency in Agile software development.

At Management 3.0 we’re all about continuous learning. That’s why we launched our Agility in HR (Agile Talent) Workshop where you can get an additional ICP-TAL certification.

There are many courses that can enhance knowledge. When it comes to becoming a certified Scrum Developer there are several benefits including:

#1: Rise Above the Competition

The employment market has become highly competitive and to have an edge over your peers, it’s often helpful to have a certification that would make you stand out. Being a certified Scrum Developer can help accelerate career growth and give you leverage over others who aren’t qualified.

#2: Remain Committed to Continuous Improvement

Organizations want professionals who can drive consistent improvement in different initiatives. As a CSD, you’ll remain dedicated towards enhancing the accuracy level of software by incorporating best practices that can make the final product scalable and bug-free.

#3: Extend Support to the Entire Team

Learning agile principles and practices can give you access to an array of tools and engineering methods. These can be leveraged for empowering your team in achieving products of higher quality, releasing products earlier to market, and catering to stakeholders collaboratively.

#4: Engage with the Community

After you have successfully demonstrated to employers awareness of the core Scrum principles, you can also become a valuable part of the community of recognized Scrum experts who chase improvement in all projects. This would make your skills more marketable across all segments of the industry which embrace Agile practices.

#5: Change the Collective Mindset of Team Members

You can enrich the working methodologies of your team with newer insights. You can motivate team members to adopt an agile mindset which would instil the need for resilience to execute projects successfully and adhere to best industry practices.

Photo credit Hans-Peter Gauster via Unsplash

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