Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated as A Remote Worker

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by Zubair Hassan

Freelancing and remote working have become quite a popular choice for some employees, primarily among individuals that are working in technology.

Not only has remote-working proven to be healthy, but its employers seek remote teams so they can benefit as well. Remote working has proven to boost productivity, and by reducing the hassle of commuting it’s given the freedom to work from any location and in any attire. 

However, as alluring as remote opportunities are, staying focused, consistent, and disciplined is a whole different game. One that can go considerably wrong project delays and low-quality work. Let’s just say it’s not for everybody.

So, having a great work ethic, routine, and direction are necessary to successfully work remotely. Whether you are working for a software development company as a developer or as a remote consultant, you need to have a game-plan, one that would keep you productive, active and focused.

In case you are wondering where to start, we have you covered with the necessary check-list or strategies that will help keep you motivated

#1 Way to Stay Motivated when Working Remotely: Have an office space 

Having a designated place for work can play a useful role in creating the right atmosphere, away from distractions. So set up a decent and functional workstation that you can go to when you need to. We can often gravitate towards a couch or bed to relax and work at the same time. This was the whole point of remote-working, wasn’t it? However, this isn’t a healthy habit, and if enabled regularly, it can hinder productivity and encourage laziness. So make up your mind that this work-space is where you will go to every day and every time you have tasks to complete. Any place other than your work desk is for leisure and pleasure purposes. This takes us to our next priority when working remotely.

#2 Way to Stay Motivated when Working Remotely: Plan your work hours 

This strategy varies for everyone. Some might not even like having defined work hours, but, it is imperative that you do not get immersed in your work to the point that you forget to take food and rest breaks. Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance. Having your day planned with defined work hours can help you manage yourself better. Since you know the average time required in a day, divide the peak hours with an hour of break after certain intervals.

A Tip: Don’t span the work hours throughout the entire day. Set a time, something like a 9-5, so once you complete your work, you are free to focus on life outside of work. This tip is crucial because as remote workers, we tend to lose ourselves in a chaotic routine that later affects our physical and mental health.

#3 Way to Stay Motivated When Working Remotely: Set boundaries with colleagues, family, friends and employers

Often freelancers or remote workers are taken for granted because they’re assumed to be always available. You need to send a clear message to your family and employers as to the times you will not be reach-able, unless there’s an emergency. Dedication and quality work ethics demand this from you. Otherwise, bid your sanity farewell. Imagine your family disturbing you during core work hours, and your employer or team reaching out to you when you have wrapped up your work.

If you have a workaholic bug, you may choose to respond, but that is unhealthy. So set boundaries with the concerned parties, keeping the communication open and transparent.

#4 Way to Stay Motivated When Working Remotely: Build relationships professionally and personally 

Typically, ‘relationship-building’ is usually the concern of the office going folk. But, it is an essential element to have a good reputation within the network, which concerns your immediate supervisor, lead, or manager, including teammates. But apart from work, it is crucial to socialize outside of your job, as well. Don’t become a homebody, and lose track of the outside world.

#5 Way to Stay Motivated when Working Remotely: Change the workplace 

Working alone has its downsides. For one, having no one around working alongside you can bring the motivational levels down a couple notches. If you feel you need the work atmosphere for a good kick, change your location. There are many shared office spaces for rent or coffee shops where you’ll find fellow digital nomads immersed in their laptops or on business calls. Go where you think is most suitable for your motivation.

That’s it, folks! These key points will help you set the record straight with your remote work lifestyle. Not only will these pointers keep you organized, but they’ll also give you the motivation you need daily to perform excellently.

Photo Credit, Thomas Lefebvre via Unsplash

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  • Eli Venecia says:

    Thank you for the tips, Zubair. To me, one aspect that has been sacrificed during the work from home trend has been coaching. With out face-to-face interaction, a lot of impromptu coachable moments have been lost. It is also difficult, or impossible to react to non-verbal cues while online. My 2 cents.

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