Which Global Talent Trends Are Transforming the Workplace?

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Talent trends are changing and as a company or business that wants to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to keep a pulse on global shifts. The relationship between the employer and employee isn’t what it used to be.

Employees are demanding greater transparency and more flexibility and in general, are holding leaders to a higher standard.

Employees specifically want more pay transparency because it instills trust. At Management 3.0 we have a completely transparent salary system. We even published it for everyone to see. Everyone gets paid the same and based on what commitment level they choose each month.

Some of the trends fueling shifts demanded by employees have to do with soft skills. Things that leaders need but don’t always make the time to hone. Skills such as creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, time management and hiring and firing decisions, all come down to having good soft skills.

Knowing how to relate to people, means being emotionally intelligent, understanding what real listening is and learning how to read a room. This is something leaders are starting to (or should be doing already) invest more time in developing.

Another trend that’s fast becoming popular, especially in the age of COVID-19, is flexibility.

According to a study last year by LinkedIn, there was a 78% increase in job posts on LinkedIn that mentioned work flexibility as being important. Benefits of flexibility and being open to transformation at work, such as being able to work from home or work from a totally different location at hours that best suit you, are becoming more desirable.

At Management 3.0 we’ve been a fully remote team since inception. We work when we want and where we want, as long as we communicate to our colleagues, are responsive and reliable and get our work done. It’s about managing the system and not the people and global trends show that this is something other companies are starting to understand as well.

A few things companies can do to create a more flexible work culture include:

  • Know what types of flexibility employees want
  • Partner with teams outside of HR
  • Help employees connect through technology
  • Be flexible about flexibility
  • Trust your employees

What other global talent trends are transforming the workplace? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email with your thoughts.

Photo credit Stephan Henning via Unsplash

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