How to successfully develop your team

Learning and Competencies Module

The importance of team development: Teams cannot achieve their goals if team members aren’t capable enough. To combat this, managers must create an environment of continuous learning, thus contributing to the development of competence.

What will you learn?

  • What competencies does a team need? What levels of competence are required?
  • What is competence and how does it relate to teams?
  • Five building blocks for learning and competencies to successfully develop your team:

1) Individual competence development

  • Lead by example: Commit yourself to your own personal mastery. Lay the seed for a learning culture. Help create a learning organization.
  • Encourage and enable self-study: Give time, resources and room.
  • Training and certification: By itself a certificate doesn’t mean anything but it can catalyze all other competence measures.
  • Coaching: Hire external coaches. Develop internal competence leaders.
  • Learning from failure/experiments: It is important to celebrate learning in safe environments.

2) Team communication

3) Helping each other

4) Team competence structure

5) Create tension

Lead by example: Ask for help – often! It is not a weakness but a strength!

What will we discuss in this module?

  • How can you motivate people or teams to develop new skills?
  • Should co-workers also contribute money or time to the development of their skills, or compensate the organization when they leave, As they also benefit personally from new skills?
  • How do you measure competence development? How do you know if investments in competence development are paying off?

Sketchnotes Learning and Competencies
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The Learning and Competencies module is part of the following workshops:

Certified Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop Attendee
Foundation Workshop
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Agility in HR Workshop

Good to know: Learning and Competencies belongs to the view Develop Competence, just as Better Feedback, Better Meetings and the Emotional Intelligence modules.

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