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Foundation Workshop

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Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop  

Start: 8th of May 2023 • 17:00
End: 11th of May 2023 • 21:30
Timezone: Australia / Sydney
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Online Workshop Timezone:
Australia / Sydney

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Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 4


The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world from a decade ago introduced new fundamentals of leadership, technological advancements that fully opened up a digital world, and the birth of an Agile culture.

Through its advancements, Agile has moved from a stereotypical technology methodology to a far more flexible and broad principle suited for almost all businesses and organisations. And then came the pandemic. The VUCA world quickly morphed into a BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible) world. Leaders are at the mercy of chaos. The need to counter unpredictable outcomes called for resilience, mindfulness, empathy, and innovation.

Agile is now more than a methodology with rigid principles. It is a mindset. One that invites growth and celebrates collaborative success. And in this ever-changing global scenario, behaviour and intuition will play a huge part. Addressing the gap between management styles and team dynamics that formed over the last 10-20 years is now essential. Enter Management 3.0.

What is this training?

Management 3.0 is a mindset combined with a constantly updated collection of games, tools, and practices to help teams, individual contributors, and leaders understand the new dynamics driving resources in an organisation by answering crucial questions;

  • How can we motivate our teams/workers?
  • How can we change the organisation’s culture?
  • How can we change the mindset of managers?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we improve teamwork and collaboration?
  • How can we get managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we make the business more agile?

This 4-day interactive online workshop is highly recommended if you want to build knowledge in Agile mindset for creating and leading new age organisations.

What learning outcomes should you expect?

At the end of this workshop and your active participation in all sessions, you will be able to:

● Describe the difference between Management 1.0 and 3.0 style and what it means to be an Agile Leader
● Identify a better approach of how to deal with complexity and uncertainty as a leader
● Actively influence the six essential pillars of organisations
● Choose from a toolbox of employee engagement practices for handling various situations with team members, colleagues and your manager more eloquently
● Increase employee motivation and team collaboration through using Management 3.0 mindset and practices
● Identify your areas of development for your leadership

    We will share a toolbox of practices to get you started with your Agile mindset initiative, which is easy to use, simple, creative and engaging for your people.

    At the end of this workshop, you will be able to gain practical tools and methods to start applying Agile to your work, increasing your productivity and effectiveness in leading organisational changes. You will also have access to the trainer for ongoing support, training and consultation. The relationships that are formed here can be permanent - if you so choose.

    What is the agenda?

    Day 1 (Monday, 8 May) – Introduction to Management 3.0 leadership views and principles, understanding complexity thinking and the need for implementing organisational agility

    Day 2 (Tuesday, 9 May) – Creating self-managed teams built on delegation and empowerment and developing engaged and motivated people.

    Day 3 (Wednesday, 10 May) – Developing learning and competencies in your team with better feedback and building inspirational culture and values.

    Day 4 (Thursday, 11 May) – Learning how to successfully navigate change and scaling the organisational agility.

    What do you get?

    As an attendee of this workshop, you will receive the Foundation Certificate of Attendance. This certificate is a requirement for applying to become a licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator.

    You will receive access to a virtual Miro Board to practice with your team, along with a printable version of all Management 3.0 tools.

    You get access to connect with the trainer for coaching support permanently. You can connect with other Agile professionals in a closed WhatsApp group where you can connect to brainstorm, share knowledge, and organise meetups.

    Mode of delivery

    The training will be delivered over four days from 5 pm AEST to 9:30 pm AEST. Check your time zone! This highly interactive and engaging workshop will be delivered through Zoom and Miro. We will work in groups, analyse scenarios, role-playing, and practice with M3.0 tools.

    You’ll get the links for the platforms after registration and payment and closer to the start of this training.

    You’ll need to ensure a stable internet connection, a working camera, a microphone, and the desire to learn and share. :)

    About the facilitator

    The training will be delivered by Ramesh Rajan, an Agile Coach, and a Lean Startup and Entrepreneurship Trainer/Coach. He is a well-rounded business and HR professional with rich continuous improvement, innovation and Agile experience working in senior positions in global organisations such as RR Donnelley, Barclays Bank, The University of Melbourne, AGL, ME Bank and ANZ Bank.

    Ramesh is an astute leader and an Agile practitioner specialising in mindset and entrepreneurship coaching. In his early career, he led and developed high-performing teams across various portfolios and geographic locations. Using his personal experience and journey transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, he creates a learning environment with ample psychological safety, different perspectives to a context, and collaborative learning.

    Ramesh has spent his career in various functional areas, starting with Marketing, Business as well as HR Operations, Quality and improvement, and finally finding his passion in Individual Coaching Enterprise Coaching. He is driven by the energy of teams designing new experiences for existing processes, simplifying them for the benefit of customers. A true servant leader, he enjoys working with and for people. He is an experienced facilitator who can adjust to different audiences taking his inspiration from long expertise with Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup methods.

    He has hands-on senior leadership experience under his belt and a strong working knowledge of how Agile, Lean, and Scrum can set up teams and organisations to be successful. Apart from being a certified Management 3.0 facilitator, his list of facilitation credentials continues to grow.

    Training Investment

    The training investment includes workshop delivery, an M3.0 certificate and badge, several free-to-use tools, e-books, and 24/7 online support and community of practice on WhatsApp upon finishing the event.

    This training will carry a special pricing of A$995. The regular, non-discounted price of this course is A$1,650.

    If your organisation pays for this training, please write the organisation's name and address in the comment field. If you're paying for it yourself, please write your full name and address, and you will receive payment options.

    For any questions about this or any upcoming training, please write to me at with the subject beginning with 'Ref: Management 3.0'.

    This is past event!
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