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Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop

Agile Co-creation Leadership Workshop  

27th of June - 18th of July 2023 (Register now!)

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Asia / Kolkata

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Materials language: English

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9 / 2


Management 3.0 Agile Co-creation Leadership Workshop


The Foundation Workshop or the Agility in HR Workshop or the discontinued Fundamentals workshop.

It is required that you attend one of these before attending the Agile Co-creation Leadership Workshop. This Agile Co-creation Leadership workshop is a follow-up workshop which leverages the full potential of the initial training.

If you have not yet attended the Foundation workshop and would like to participate in one, here's a link to my upcoming Foundation workshop.


Lead co-creation initiatives in your organisation to foster innovation and continuous improvement for a successful and sustainable organisation.

Certified Management 3.0 Agile Co-creation Leadership Workshop Attendee

How do you foster innovation in your organization? How do you collaborate to achieve more together, in cross-functional teams, breaking up silos across departments, no matter where you are located?
In the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop, a follow up after you learned about the principles and practices in the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop, you will learn what it means to work agile. Moreover, what differentiates doing agile from being agile.

You will leave with knowledge on what it takes to collaborate post-pandemic. Learn about hybrid teams working from anywhere in mixed set-ups. And learn how this can be to your advantage, when designed right. You will be introduced to the Management 3.0 innovation guidelines and how to structure better meetings that make a difference.


  • Remote and Hybrid Collaboration
    What does it take to lead in a hybrid work environment? And how can we better collaborate in this new world of work?

  • Creativity and Innovation
    There’s no doubt that no matter what the size of your business, it needs to foster creativity and innovation together to stay competitive and to retain awesome teammates. What does it take to lead such businesses?

  • Better Meetings
    Do you lead your people in your meetings? Or do you dread meetings? How do you stop having useless meetings? How do you not have a meeting stew? How do you design memorable meetings? What does it take to lead your people in meetings?

  • Agile Product Development
    Things are changing faster and faster and the world gets more complex and complicated everyday. Using an Agile mindset could be a way to deal with this new world. Why is agile relevant for some organisations today?

For even more details on the above modules, click on the hyperlink above.


  • Personal Collab Cards
  • Team Agreement Canvas
  • Feedback Lottery
  • Exploration Days
  • Work Profiles
  • Lean Change Engine


4 sessions of 2 hours and 15 minutes each across 4 weeks

To receive the official certificate you have to attend ALL sessions

The dates / times for the online workshops: Check your timezone here

Tuesday 27 June: 2100 - 2315 (GMT + 5:30)
Tuesday 4 July: 2100 - 2315 (GMT + 5:30)
Tuesday 11 July: 2100 - 2315 (GMT + 5:30)
Tuesday 18 July: 2100 - 2315 (GMT + 5:30)


There 'might' be some pre-work / post-session work accompanying each session. Keep in mind approximately 20-30 minutes of investment on your side in addition to the actual session times.


  • Good internet connection
  • Headset
  • Webcam
  • A quiet place
  • Audio + Video

Minimum #participants to confirm this workshop: 8
Maximum #participants for this workshop: 18

For any additional queries do reach out to me at

Ticket prices

Innovator Fees

299 USD (Taxes included)
Offer ends on Saturday 10th of June 2023

This workshop is organized by Sarika Kharbanda. Your registration will be sent to Sarika directly.

This is a follow-up workshop after attending a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop. See the workshop description for more info and prerequisites.

Attending this workshop will not allow you to automatically become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. However, this workshop helps you on your path to becoming a Facilitator. Check out the exact way here.

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