What is Happiness? Happy Melly Founder, Jurgen Appelo live on tour

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Editor’s Note: A few years ago Management 3.0 launched the Happy Melly experiment. It was the brainchild of Jurgen Appelo, founder of Management 3.0 and the idea was to practically implement the tools and philosophies of the company, using a real team to do so. The company was focused on helping people be happier at work and while it’s no longer officially operational, it’s become part of Management 3.0 under the Happiness at Work section. Any podcast episodes, including this one, titled Happy Melly were recorded during the time when the project was live. That said, the topics and discussions in these episodes are evergreen and 100% in line with what we do at Management 3.0. So listen and enjoy!

Birthday Jurgen Appelo

Sam speaks candidly with Jurgen, about the secret to happiness, his upcoming birthday and how to implement the 12 Steps to Happiness in your daily life – all live from his Managing for Happiness book tour.

“You might be happy momentarily if you achieve what you wanted, but that might become the new normal…That is then the new baseline and you want something else. What’s next? It never stops. That is the danger with people who see happiness as an outcome…It’s better to enjoy the path than the destination.”

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