The Importance of Agile in the ‘Age of Corona’

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In the age of the current uncertainty, many companies are wishing they’d shifted to being more agile “yesterday”, said Diana Russo thought-leader in Agile HR and creator of: The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations.

In this special episode Diana explains what it takes right now to stay connected and motivated at work, even if we’re working from home. Find out why the most important thing is to start with a daily check in.

Stay tuned for another episode with Diana where we focus on her expertise, discussing the importance of Agile within HR.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast:

  • The importance of embracing Agile principles during this uncertain time
  • How Agile allows for quick and simple adaptability in the wake of things like COVID-19 (and smaller-scale things too)
  • Connecting people through Agile
  • Focusing on people instead of numbers

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