Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making us Anxious?

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Ruth Whippman
Ruth Whippman 

Hilariously funny journalist and author, Ruth Whippman challenges the notion of whether the pursuit of happiness is actually stressing us out. A British take on American culture, Ruth looks at why we’ve become so obsessed with being happy and what truly lies at the core.

One thought on "Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making us Anxious?"

  • Lui Bliss says:

    It’s all about the big picture in our life. Are we going to the place that actually makes us happy? Also, have we actively engaged and determined precisely what are the aspects in the life that truly make us happy?
    For instance, there are at-least 5 components to being happy, and each one of the components can be broken down into more components. So, in reality, we need to be very conscious of the choices we make of where were are heading.
    These basic components include Financial Freedom. Another is Optimum Health. A third is optimal relationships. The fourth is peace and harmony within ourselves and our surrounding environment. And last but not least, is our need for spiritual fulfilment.
    Like I said, each of these components have sub-components which will lead to the percentage of satisfaction achieved for that specific component given the avenue that is taken to reach it.
    If one feels stressed or anxious, then he is not at peace. That is missing, so what is the person that is going after their happiness doing about their ‘Peace’ component?
    I found, through many trials and tribulations, that meditation is the ultimate steerer and guide to being completely and totally happy. You are very welcomed to visit the page to learn more about the techniques and methodologies by clicking on my name which will take you there.
    In all cases, the intent of the practice is to transform these feelings, if you have them, of stress and anxiety, into that of excitement and more desire for achieving your dreams.
    So even if you have not reached your destination, yet, you are already feeling happy, enjoying the route, the scenic views of the journey (because you are on that journey), and of course, the excitement of actually getting to the place you have always dreamed of.

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