5 Efficient Habits to Increase Success

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by Josh Carlyle

We all have our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Whether they are lofty goals to achieve great successes or small obstacles to overcome, getting from point A to B is a part of our daily lives. But have you noticed that some people have more difficulty in achieving their goals than others? Why is that? How is a successful person different than someone with moderate results or struggles? In short, success is a mindset. And if you take your dreams seriously, it’s time to buckle down and look into these 5 efficient habits to increase your mindset for success.  

#1 Efficient Habit to Increase Success: Learn from Failure

Learning from failure and success is an ingredient to going far. Just as we fall down a lot before we learn to walk, the same can be said of any success story. Take Steve Jobs, for example. Many may not know, but he was fired from Apple and his lifework seemed to be lost and his future uncertain. One of Apples PR representatives details how, instead of giving up he picked himself up, assessed his failures and turned it into the success story we all know today. At times a project kicks you to the ground or a supervisor scolds you for the quality of your work, take the opportunity to fine tune your strategies or reinvent the wheel if need be. Put yourself together and come back stronger than before.

#2 Efficient Habit to Increase Success: Always question the current way of doing things

Innovation is essential for success. Do you go through the same motions everyday using the same tired processes you’ve been trained to do? In a five step process, do you look at the fourth step and wonder if you tweaked step three a bit, it would allow you to cut out the fourth part completely? Successful people differentiate themselves by looking objectively at how processes can be improved. Many talented students, for example, prioritize subjects important to their major and effective study habits result in freeing up more time to master their major.

#3 Efficient Habit to Increase Success: Good work habits are an effective example of leadership

Teaching yourself to be efficient is hard to start, but easy to master. The first obstacle is admitting that you have a procrastination problem (assuming you do). Putting things off is a major factor we all wrestle with at times. To overcome this you need to take ownership of your actions and tell yourself to get up and set off to be productive. If you find yourself in a rut of doing nothing perfectly, these 11 tips to overcome procrastination is a good start for your journey to success. Once you can overcome procrastination, your mindset – the new psychology of success – will self motivate to be more productive.

#4 Efficient Habit to Increase Success: Have a can do attitude

You’d be amazed at how quickly negativity can creep into your mindset and strip you of success. Companies have recognized how damaging negativity in the workplace can be, and have implemented a type of newspeak to counter it. Emotions are contagious, so surround yourself with positive people and interact less with negative people. And remember – when confronted with problems, instead of focusing on the consequences, focus on solutions and the benefits of a positive outcome. You’ll also feel much more accomplished after meeting a challenge head on and navigating yourself to victory.

#5 Efficient Habit to Increase Success: Wake up early and make your bed every morning

Some of the world’s most successful people wake up before the crack of dawn. Now, this may sound like a nightmare but in the long run you’ll find yourself less stressed. Imagine waking up and instead of having to run out the door to get to the office, you can make a cup of coffee, think your day through and then casually leave the house at your convenience. Your time suddenly becomes more focused you can prioritize and approach your day more effectively and start your day with doing something productive, which affects your mindset.

If you have an eye for success, start with your mindset. These five tips are strategies you can use to better focus yourself on being productive enough to achieve your goals. Build an environment of positive-minded people, focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t and always find opportunity within failure. Lastly, remember to wake up early and make your bed every morning.

Photo: Dylan Nolte (Unsplash)

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