7 Habits successful people do in the workplace

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by Danielle Kunkle

Developing productive habits are essential to succeeding in the workplace and being a valuable employee. It doesn’t matter if you work for a small business or a Fortune 500 company, the only way to thrive in the workplace is to continually seek improvement and to deliver results. Thankfully, following these 7 habits is an effective way to increase performance in the workplace and to truly excel.

#1 Habit to be successful at work, Always be Punctual:

Reliability is one of the most important traits an employee can have, and punctuality plays a massive role in this. Few people want to work with someone who is consistently late for meetings or absent from the office. Making an effort to be on time for meetings and deadlines will prevent friction from developing in the workplace and allow you to perform at a higher level.

#2 Habit to be successful at work, Follow a Morning Routine:

Creating a consistent morning routine that can be followed easily is another habit that can increase productivity. Taking 30 minutes to answer emails or to catch up on missed tasks from the previous day is a great way to remain organized. Additionally, spending time each morning to review what needs to be done for the upcoming week and dividing your time accordingly can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

#3 Habit to be successful at work, Maintain a Positive Attitude:

Attitudes can spread across a department, and this can be a strength or hindrance depending on the type of attitude that is being projected. However, regardless of how other employees feel, maintaining a positive attitude is an effective way to ensure you consistently perform at your highest level. Challenges and frustration are normal at work. As long as you can take things in stride and look for solutions rather than problems, you can excel.

#4 Habit to be successful at work, Build Trust with Team Members:

A department cannot function if there is no trust. Therefore, developing a sense of trust with other employees and managers is vital to achieving results as a team and succeeding in the workplace. Being reliable, working collaboratively with other employees, and maintaining open channels of communication are steps that can be used to foster trust. Additionally, openly discussing challenges or problems you may be experiencing with other employees (rather than gossiping about them) is also an effective way to problem solve without earning a negative reputation.

#5 Habit to be successful at work, Cut Out Distractions:

More than half of workers say that distractions prevent them from working properly. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s a personal phone call or a work-related nuisance that is stealing your time, it’s critical to put distractions to the side. Making a mental note to block out distractions before they detract from productivity is a great way to remain focused and productive. Leaving your phone aside and refraining from checking social media are just two ways to mitigate distractions in the workplace. Dealing with coworker-related distractions is often more challenging, but there are solutions for these scenarios as well. Wearing headphones while at your desk can ward off unwanted banter, and you can always excuse yourself from group conversations if you have urgent work to attend to.

#6 Habit to be successful at work, Be a Problem Solver:

One of the easiest ways to leave a positive impression on your coworkers is to always act as a problem solver rather than a critic. Seek out solutions and cooperate with team members to push past challenges, and develop a reputation for getting through obstacles. Your coworkers (and manager) will certainly notice.

#7 Habit to be successful at work, Rise to the Challenge:

One of the fastest ways to accelerate career progression and to excel in the workplace is to say ‘yes’ to opportunity. Unless a task is completely out of your skill range or makes you feel unsafe, there is no reason to turn down a chance to try something new. Rising to the challenge and taking on more responsibility at work provides an opportunity to develop new skills and increase the value you provide to your organization. This is ultimately a great way to develop as a professional and to advance your career at a faster rate.

Habits that lead to Success at Work
Habits that lead to success at work – click to enlarge

At the end of the day, a 9-5 job is what you make of it. However, by deciding to implement these 7 habits into the workday, you can increase productivity, job satisfaction, and success.

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