Getting Out of Your Own Head

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by Management 3.0

In our last segment to celebrate our 200th episode, we’re highlighting Jill Valdez’s excellent episode about getting unstuck. This podcast is one of our all time top downloads and made it into our 200th episode compilation.

As part of the excitement, we’ve broken up the shows into separate blogs. In this snippet below with Jill, she talks about why it’s so hard for people to make their lives better. Working as a caregiver in an assisted living facility, she realized the power of smiling and getting into others’ worlds. The satisfaction that came with this helped get her out of her own head and get unstuck.

Jill has lived a million lives, doing incredible things. Find out what it takes to keep moving when things get tough and how to see the silver lining in everything.

Photo credit Khadeeja Yasser via Unsplash

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