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by Thiago Brant a Management 3.0 Facilitator

Last week I had the immense pleasure of watching Management 3.0 Forward webinars and the aftermath was incredible. It was amazing to check out the experiences of fellow facilitators from all over the world, and to learn many unusual, yet effective ways to apply Management 3.0 concepts and practices in such practical ways.

The event, even though it was online, allowed for a lot of networking opportunities and helped create new ties.

I was able to interact with facilitators through LinkedIn and even met a person from Brazil with whom I have been exchanging information and experiences. The introductions and wrappings of the presentations by the Management 3.0 team allowed me to get to know them better. Ralph, Katharina, Nadine, Sarah… what an amazing and friendly team who reminded us how cool this model was before and after each presentation!

A great learning point for me were the online tools, such as Kahoot, Mentimeter and even Zoom polls, and the skills used by the facilitators for games and interactions. It was very inspiring to witness different ways to facilitate an online session, especially in the times we live in, where remote work is increasingly present in our lives. It was all very interactive and engaging.

I contemplated incredible experiences on 12 steps to happiness, competency matrix, complexity thinking, change management game, rewards and mindfulness. It was great to testify that concepts covered in such a light way by Management 3.0 have a precise application in the business world, and even those topics that we do not imagine in a work environment are applicable and bring results in the workplace.

I have been using these skills in my company, Agilers, and with the teams I lead with very good results. I left the event with many insights to further improve my practice and, of course, the lives of the people I work with through actions in the system.

I was so inspired by this whole experience that I adapted my company’s entire management to a model centered on the Management 3.0 views

The team’s daily activities are conducted according to each of Martie’s views.

We are using:

  • Energize People to interact among each other and to stay motivated. Empower Teams to give everyone responsible autonomy (mainly through the Delegation Board)
  • Align Constraints to make it clear where we are going, constantly reviewing our purpose and making it part of our daily lives, in addition to using OKRs for our business goals.

The company invests a lot in using the Competency Matrix to map the team’s competencies, always reviewing ways to Grow our Structure in order to scale the business and keep the communication flowing. Finally, we work to continuously, Improve Everything, always looking at how to improve our customers’ experience and to extend our products’ lifespan, keeping them updated and relevant, in addition to constantly refining our processes.

Miro’s board centered on Martie always keeps us focused on all of this, preventing the team from neglecting to look at any aspect of our management, after all, “management is too important to leave to the managers” (I love that quote!).

I’m really excited for Forward Virtual in November, and Forward Summit in Berlin next year. I have already bought my tickets to be able to make the most of this experience with lovers of agile management from all over the world!

Photo credit Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

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