Makeover Boring Training: How to Make a Training Session Fun

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by Riya Sander

Have you suffered from a disconnected class, or no one seems interested in your company’s training unless you attach repercussion to it? If yes, then this guide will be of help. Otherwise, well, just read it. You will probably learn a thing or two that you can use to help your HR friend.

Companies create training sessions for their employees to equip them with skills that will make them efficient at their work. Unfortunately, most employees view workplace training a boring chore. The worst part is that they are right most of the time.

This guide provides proven techniques on how to make your training interactive, fun, and successful.

Before the training

Running enjoyable workshop training requires hard work, and it begins at the planning stage. You can transform your training by doing these two simple, yet often overlooked activities:

Fun Training Session Tip #1:Analyse the need

Take time to find out the real lack of your company or the attendees. Often what seems to be the problem are only symptoms of a bigger issue. For example, design engineers with consistently flawed designs might not need training on the latest design software. Sometimes all they need is compliance training.

Fun Training Session Tip #2:Analyse past training methods

Take time to find out the methods used in the past “boring” training workshops. Use your judgment to figure out the mistakes. You can as well get feedback from those who had attended. Note the mistakes and choose not to repeat them.

Choose the right venue

The training venue is crucial to the success of a training session. Here are suggestions on how to choose the venue for your training:

Fun Training Session Tip #3:Avoid the workplace

It is not a good idea to hold a workshop in the same boardroom where employees spend their Monday mornings arguing and receiving orders. They already associate it with tension, war, and manipulation. Give them a break by opting for a workshop space for rent.

Fun Training Session Tip #4:Consider required amenities

A training workshop out in nature might not work for IT workshops because they will need an internet connection and power. The venue should also promote free expression. A five-star hotel, for example, may be an excellent treat for the attendees. However, it might be a problem for those who are not acquainted with the culture in such setups. Unless that is part of the training, find a place where attendees will not be too worried about conforming.

During the training

A long and prosy unentertaining lecture on what you need to know is the picture most people have of workplace training. Here is a quick way to conduct your training differently using this picture of a “boring” training as a guide.

Fun Training Session Tip #5:Keep the sessions short

The golden rule of any presentation is to “keep it short and simple.” If you have many presenters, let them break their content into tiny subsections presented at different times. It is tiring to listen to a lecture for two hours. Even an hour is long enough especially if the presenter does not have basic public speaking skills.

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Fun Training Session Tip #6:Group work

Group work is a great way to keep the attendees focused on the content of the workshop but still give them a chance to interact. Create assignments to be done in groups.

Workshop Sticky Notes
Photo by Jo Szczepanska

Fun Training Session Tip #7:Use visual aids

People understand differently. Some do not mind reading plain slides, while some will fall asleep at the fifth slide but can watch videos to the end. Other learners will also lose interest if your video is not the Hollywood standard. Makeup for all types of learners by using eye-catching graphics, videos, and music in the presentations.

Fun Training Session Tip #8:Present relevant content

Let the content of the training be relevant to the needs of the attendees. Most of them will zone out as soon as they realise you are only interested in telling them about your products. Show them, how it meets their need.

Again, shift away from explaining what they can find out on themselves. You can achieve this by providing a course outline and materials before the training. Focus on the essential parts only.

Fun Training Session Tip #9:Tell stories

Everyone loves a good story, and they make up fun training sessions. If you are gifted with the art, use it. Tell stories about the product, your experience, or that of a friend. Just ensure the stories are relevant. The chances are that most people will remember the stories and long after they have forgotten the content.

Fun Training Session Tip #10:Use Games

Learning games are becoming common in workplace training because they keep the learners engaged and entertained. Besides, most of the lesson learned this way is easy to remember and apply. However, the games must not always be relevant. Breaking the monotony is good enough.

Tipp: What about adding the Management 3.0 Practice of Personal Maps as a workshop opener? It’s a great icebreaker! More Management 3.0 Practices

Fun Training Session Tip #11:Rewards and prizes

Have some gifts to reward outstanding groups or those who win the games. It is surprising how interested humans get when there is a prize involved. However, remember to have gifts for everyone at the end of the session.


With proper preparation, the right venue, and creative delivery, it is possible to transform a boring training. Remember also to ask for feedback at the end of every session, implement them, and watch your training become relevant and fun.

Photo: Tim Gouw (Unsplash)

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