What Management 3.0 Is Being Transparent About In March

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by Ralph van Roosmalen

As promised, here is a monthly update to explain the graphs, and the story behind them, from our transparency dashboard.

The second graph we would like to explain is webshop revenue. It’s a simple graph showing the revenue we make with our webshop. To be more specific, this graph only shows the revenue we earn with serious games that support the Management 3.0 practices.

The goal of our webshop is not to make a profit. We created the webshop to sell products to support people and teams in using the Management 3.0 practices. Over the years, we added extra categories like gift cards, merchandise, and memberships. 

The games we currently sell are Moving Motivators, Delegation Poker cards, kudo cards, improv cards, meddlers game, change management game, and team decision cards. We try to make our game products as eco-friendly as possible, with no plastic, only paper, and produce them locally in the Netherlands to minimize transport. We only sell English versions of our games, as this is the biggest market. We support other languages with many of our games, and they are available for download via our website. We have automated the whole process as we want to offer our games at the lowest price possible. We use WooCommerce on our website, invoices are generated automatically, and shipping is done using a fulfilment partner. 

Facilitators use our products in workshops like the in-person Foundation Workshops. Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches use delegation cards to create clear agreements on the delegation of tasks. Managers provide kudo cards to teams to encourage a culture of feedback and celebrate learning. 

Back to the data

In March 2020, most countries went into lockdown, and virtual working was boosted. This had a significant impact on our webshop revenue. In February 2020 total income of the games in the webshop was around 10.000 euro, in March 2020, it was 4.148 euro. In April, it dropped to 1.127 euro. The rest of 2020 was not much better, even worse in some months. People like our products but they are mainly used when people get together!

What did we do?

We decided not to start selling digital versions of our games. As said before, there is no goal to make a profit with the games. We increased promoting the downloadable version of our games. Additionally, we created official Miro templates. This will allow people to use our games in a virtual setup. 

As you can see in the graph, the revenue is increasing. We already had some large orders this month. It looks like teams are getting together, and in-person workshops are slowly starting again. Good news for everyone!

In case you are interested in buying our games, or check out our merchandise, by going quickly to our webshop! To contribute to webshop sales, and to support you, we are giving a discount of 5%! This discount code (SPRING2021) is valid until March 17th, so take advantage now!

Photo credit Matteo Kutufa via Unsplash

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