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by Louise Brace

Last weekend our team and Management 3.0 Facilitators met in Budapest for a meeting of minds. The Management 3.0 Gathering is an annual meetup, where facilitators get to discuss workshop content and materials, and how to take the concept and training forward with new initiatives, exercises and marketing methods.

The meeting was attended by the Management 3.0 marketing team, Louise Brace (me :)) and Jennifer Riggins; together with the founder of Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo. Joining the team were facilitators from London, Andrea Darabos; from Warsaw, Daniel Skowronski and Jerzy Stawicki, and from Frankfurt, Christof Braun. The event was held at the iconic Gellért Hotel in Buda (Buda and Pest is split in two, by the beautiful Danube River).

Workshop yoga techniques at Management 3.0 conference

Two extremely constructive days were had by all attendees. A host of topics were discussed, from value delivery of workshop content and the quantity of content delivered, during one and two day workshops; how to self-organize and promote events, and the expanding target market of workshop attendees, including startups and HR Teams, and how this would affect the existing material moving forward.

We even managed to discuss how yoga can be used to energize workers and workshop attendees…

As well as brainstorming ideas to improve the structure of the current course content, Jurgen Appelo also presented dynamic new content modules, which will be introduced to the Management 3.0 Workshops in the coming months. Plus possible online learning module options. The subject of facilitator learning was also discussed, including ways of advancing the sign-up and certification process for new facilitators.

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The two day gathering was intensive, covering off a multitude of subjects, but the sessions were extremely valuable for all who attended and there is now lots to be done to take our brainstorming ideas and make them a reality.

The role of Management 3.0 business coaches is to teach awesome methods in how to motivate employees, improve employee engagement and work productivity, and boost job satisfaction in the workplace. Attendees range from project managers, scrum masters, agile managers, HR managers and leaders and entrepreneurs.

Each facilitator has their own unique approach and will have specific specialities, such as team building, agile coaching, lean coaching and lean management, life coach skills, as well as traditional management training. In their own unique way they take the Management 3.0 philosophy and games and exercises from the #Workout book, to teach attendees ways to make positive changes in their organizations and teams.

The courses are highly interactive and engaging using games and exercises, including Moving Motivators, Delegation Board and Delegation Poker and the popular Meddlers Game, to present problem scenarios and ideal solutions.

But never fear! It was not all work, work, work. We managed to throw some fun into the equation. The organizer of the Management 3.0 Gathering, Andrea Darabos, is originally from Budapest, so she made sure we got to experience some of the magic of this wonderful and historic city. Not least the mouth watering gastronomy and superb Hungarian wines 🙂

Such was the success of the gathering, it was decided to host another event in October 2015, with Barcelona, as the next location. The Gathering, will become known as a Management 3.0 Retreat, and this time will be hosted by our marketing goddess and Barcelona girl about town, Jennifer Riggins, who will be organizing the event venue and activities around the city!

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