Will a job in management make you happy?

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by Mila Sanchez

Job satisfaction is so important when it comes to happiness at work. Some people, such as myself, are happiest in a worker bee position – happy to be part of the team and to do their part. Others, however, want a little bit more and this often means that they want to move up the ladder and become managers. 

Managing an office or team is a big job one that comes with a lot of extra responsibilities – some fun and some not so fun. So if you’re considering making the move into a higher position it’s good to assess if it’s the right step  for you.

What does it take to be a good manager?

#1: You inhabit the qualities of a great manager

Since as manager you will have a variety of responsibilities, as well as be in constant contact with members of the staff, you need to hone certain qualities that will make you successful.

Some of those include:

  • Mentoring and providing support without micromanaging
  • You should be able to lead by example
  • Be honest
  • Be open
  • Be transparent – people like those with a good work ethic 
  • Be confident yet humble

#2: You are open to change

Millennials are notorious for seeing things differently than previous generations, especially on the work front. Millennials are changing the workplace, and whether you are one of them, a ‘Gen Xer’ or a Baby Boomer, you need to be open to new ideas. You need to know when change needs to be made, when it can better your company and employee satisfaction and when the changes are unreasonable. As long as you are open to discussion and possibilities and make an effort to try new things, people will respond positively and not resent your position.

Sometimes corporate changes beyond your control come about and you have to be ready to embrace them and mentor your team through them. You have to be adaptable and learn quickly and take on the new challenges with a positive attitude. The most important part of a big change is communicating it to your staff, so being a great communicator is essential for someone in management. If you can’t clearly communicate with your team, or if they don’t feel like they can openly speak with you, there are bound to be problems that could otherwise be avoided.

#3: You believe in good company culture

Company culture is becoming more and more important as new college graduates enter the workforce. People want to work for a company that aligns with their personal values and cares about them as people, not just as employees. According to an infographic from Washington State University, a positive company culture allows teams to form stronger bonds, encourages employees to contribute more and increases job satisfaction leading to employees staying longer with the same company. As a manager you need to be genuinely promoting and contributing to this culture by encouraging charitable events, team get-togethers outside of the office, fun functions at work and by showing your commitment to work-life balance.

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To be happy in a management position you need to know that it’s a right fit for you. If you hope to one day move up but feel like you aren’t quite there yet, you can work on these qualities in yourself. If you think it may not be right for you, talk with your company leaders about how you can grow within the organization without going into a leadership role. Job satisfaction is important for everyone for a happy and balanced life.

What is the most important trait you look for in a manager? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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