Why Agile HR and Why Now? Exclusive Interview with Arie Van Bennekum

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A while back we dove into the world of Agile with Arie van Bennekum one of the original founders of the Agile Manifesto.

The world of Agile has since evolved, which is why we as Management 3.0 are delving into new territory with our Agility in HR Workshop. Agile isn’t just for IT, it’s for everyone and we’re seeing this evolve more and more.

Some people have described Agile HR as an iterative approach to initiatives focused on experimentation and supported by a collaborative culture. Others say it’s an industry wide transformation, a philosophy, a culture and a set of management practices.

Really, it’s about being open to change and knowing how to develop, relate with and foster people.

To truly understand what Agile means for HR today, here is our exclusive interview with Arie.

What is Agile HR?

Agile HR is an organizational skill which facilitates Agile organizations in their learnings, improvements and offering the best opportunities for their (to be) professional crew.

Why is this ‘all the rage’ all of a sudden?

For me it is not new. I’ve worked in this way of “HR” since 1997. However, because more and more organizations are taking steps on the Agile highway, it simply knocks on their door. Agile excellence and traditional HR do not go along.

If you knew then what you do now about how Agile would be received would you do anything differently in writing the manifesto?

Agile Manifest Management 3.0 Courseware
Management 3.0 even offers a Module on Agile Product Development

Not really, however there is one word I would replace. I would replace software with “solution” or “product” or service”. Focussing on the value delivery and not one element (software).

Why is it so important specifically for HR to adopt Agile practices?

Traditional HR is about silos and individual rewarding/evaluation/targets etc… This simply does not go along with Agile team delivery.

For someone who doesn’t understand what ‘Agile practices’ are, what are they in simple terms? Why are they important?

There is the concept of Agile and in the concept there are the methods and every method has a set of practices. This what the people actually do, the Agile practices.

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Anything else to add anything else that people should know or you want to say? 

So much….most important? Start doing, stop talking. So much has been done and achieved, don’t deny that.

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