Living an active, optimistic and creative life

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Gavin Strange
Gavin Strange

“It’s okay to not have a plan and not to know exactly what you want to pursue, as long as you pursue something,” says Gavin Strange, senior designer at Aardman Animations. Designer by day, Gavin pursues passion projects by night. His secret to life: Try everything and just go for it!

2 thoughts on "Living an active, optimistic and creative life"

  • Tom Strong says:

    I really appreciated the points about how deceptively simple “Just Do” is, though of course when we worry about how we look to others, simple is not always easy. “There’s no downside” is a great way to see things, as is “you’re either gonna try it or not.” This is my first time visiting this site and I found this podcast really enjoyable and inspirational.
    Special kudos to Sam Mednick for asking great questions and even being a bit skeptical and practical. This made this more than just cheerleading, but instead some good advice to take action.
    I blog about productivity and leadership topics and feel like this one podcast gave me a whole bunch of ideas to think and write about. I invite anyone interested to check things out at .

  • Sam Mednick says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments Tom and glad you walked away with a few tips. It’s definitely a ‘go for it’ mentality that Gavin puts across. It’s inspirational. Thanks for sharing your blog, looks like it has some great content! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast now that you’ve found it And join our Happy Melly community to take part in exclusive chats and talks and seminars with thousands of people all dedicated to happiness at work.

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