A Management 3.0 Team Anniversary: Looking back and looking Forward

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by Sarah, Conference Organizer at Management 3.0

It was my one-year anniversary last month at Management 3.0 – I feel like I have learnt more in this past year than at any other time in my 20-year career!

That is some statement, but it is totally true and I wanted to reflect on this learning and how it has come about and share my experiences.

I joined Management 3.0 last November to launch Global conferences. With hindsight, not a great time to launch global in-person conferences when a few months later we are (and still are at the time of writing), living through a global pandemic….

But let me take a step back, back to when I first joined the team – a team with no managers, no hierarchy, no set working times or patterns. The Management 3.0 team truly practices what they preach! I had never worked in this way ever before – and most people haven’t either – and it is life changing. I have always been a person who could work well remotely and would self-organize easily, but working with the Management 3.0 practices has changed my outlook completely on the world of work. An old dog CAN learn new tricks!

As we have no managers, it is up to each team member to self-organize and trust each other. It means that open communication and an approach full of trust is vital. You need remote tools but most critically you need the right mindset and then it works! With each colleague working in an empowered fashion, it brings out the best in each of us and focuses the team on our core goal – spreading happiness at work

This brings me back to my task of launching global conferences with the mission of redefining global leadership & management. How was I going to successfully do this in a global pandemic?? Well, it wasn’t “I”, it was “we”.

We came together as a team to manage it, that is the number one point, there is no “i” in team!

In fact, now more than ever, with remote working becoming the new normal for most people, and the lack of in-person human connection available, a conference is still a perfect way to connect people globally AND provide new learning. We didn’t want to focus only on the Management 3.0 principles, but also help to innovate the world of work, at a most vital time.

So, on my one-year anniversary, Forward Virtual took place! With 200 attendees from 30 countries, we came together to focus on redefining global leadership & management – and it was awesome. I loved seeing so many people from different cultures, countries and industries share and learn from each other.

As someone, who is always keen on learning, here are my 3 key take-aways from Forward Virtual 2020:

  1. Be Human – treat others as you would like to be treated. Focus on the fact that we all have the same values and the world (of work) will change
  2. A strong culture is the key to success – build a strong team culture from the outset
  3. Switch from a time-based mentality to a results-based mentality

I did miss the in-person end of conference drinks and chats, but rounding up virtually with some attendees to have a chat about remote work was cool. And a glass of wine with the team virtually was a perfect way to end a busy one-year anniversary and I didn’t have to travel all the way home jet lagged!

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Header image: S O C I A L . C U T (via Unsplash)

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