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by Ralph van Roosmalen

Sorry. We did not live up to our promise last year. We promise we will do better starting now.

We believe in transparency, full transparency where possible and legally allowed. In our team, we use Slack, and there are no hidden channels for team members. We always communicate via Slack, with no emails between team members. We record all meetings and share them with all team members. We invite all team members to every meeting. We believe that everyone can decide for themselves if the meeting will add value to them or if their presence will add value. Tahira, our financial queen, shares an update on our financial situation every week. We give each other feedback when needed or asked for. We use a check out system in our weekly crew meeting to see how valuable team members experienced the meeting.

So you might be wondering why the apology…

All of the above is internally focused. We did not act transparently to the outside world. You have no clue how our business is doing, how many facilitators we have, or what number the dice rolled. We want to change this! From today, we have a new dashboard on our website. We will update this dashboard at least once a month. No secrets, just full transparency.

Let me explain the different graphs.

Number of Facilitators

This graph shows the actual number of licensed facilitators. These are facilitators who are allowed to give official Management 3.0 workshops or help you in using the Management 3.0 Practices. Last year we were close to 500. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came, and the number of facilitators went down. Facilitators had to focus on other things, and people are hesitating to sign up. We understand that and hope it will change in 2021. Let’s get to 500!


After a year, facilitators sign up for a year to prolong their license or decide to leave us. We hope most facilitators will extend their licenses, but we also understand that facilitators decide to move on. This graph shows the number of facilitators signing up and the number of facilitators who continue their journey without being a licensed facilitator.

Workshop and events

Licensed facilitators are allowed to organize and facilitate Management 3.0 workshops. They can schedule events via our website. Scheduling events is one thing; doing them is the second part. There are still workshops facilitators have to reschedule as there are not enough attendees. This graph shows how many workshops and events are scheduled every month and how many workshops are confirmed.


An interesting graph. Our purpose is to redefine leadership to create happier people and successful organizations. To realize this purpose, we do need to make money. Our revenue comes from workshops, from Supporter subscriptions, facilitators license fees, and the web shop. In 2019 we made a revenue of 1.000.000 euro! As you can imagine, 2020 is different. Let’s hope 2021 will be a better year again.

Number of Certificate of Practices

People who use our practices can earn their Certificate of Practice! This shows they applied at least seven of the Management 3.0 practices. This also allows them to become licensed facilitators. The number of people with a certificate is slowly increasing. It also shows that Management 3.0 practices are getting more and more popular.

Number of Supporters

Some people don’t want to become a facilitator (yet) but want to connect with Management 3.0. Have access to our Slack community, get free access to all our games, have full access to all the Foundation Workshop modules, get access to many many free readings, and believe in the purpose of Management 3.0. For those people, we developed the Supporters program. A subscription-based program. This graph shows the number of supporters.

Webshop Revenue (index)

Many of our practices are linked to games, for example, change management game and delegation poker. We sell those games in our webshop to support people using the Management 3.0 practices. Additionally, we also sell some great merchandise related to Management 3.0 and Forward. This graph shows the growth or decrease in webshop revenue. Last year, 2020, it dropped enormously. Because people did not get together, there was almost no need for physical games.

CL Worked

Our team exists through freelancers. Most of them also have other projects and clients. This is a benefit, as we learn from other projects and clients, and sometimes a disadvantage. It is sometimes hard to make progress as we work part-time for Management 3.0. You can read more about commitment levels in this blog post. This graph shows how many CL’s we have used. It will vary over time, for example, it will be lower during the holiday season and higher when we organize Forward.

Bonus Dice

We don’t believe in a bonus payout at the end of the year. We believe that it should be a surprise when a bonus is paid! Therefore, we roll the dice every first crew meeting of the month. In the first six months, rolling a six is bonus time! From the seventh till the 12th month, rolling one or six is bonus time. In this graph, you can see how lucky we were.

We believe this dashboard will help us live up to our promise to be transparent. We also promise to publish one blog post every month to explain one graph in more detail. What is the story behind the data?

Are you missing any information or do you have questions? Let us know, and we will see if we can clarify or add information.

Photo credit Lukas Blazek via Unsplash

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