How To Reshape Your Company Culture

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by Kristen Thompson

Workplace culture is everywhere. It’s in your office, your dress code, your leadership style, and in the way that your team works together. Having a company culture that’s no longer serving your organization can be difficult to reshape into one that works with an evolving team. When your team’s productivity and job satisfaction are so closely intertwined with culture, can you afford not to make it a priority?

Where to start?

Culture, like most things in business, doesn’t have a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are four simple ways to reshape, maintain and evolve your company culture.

#1: Change pieces of your culture bit by bit

Creating massive change at once can send shockwaves through your organization, especially when it comes to culture. When reshaping your culture, it’s important to keep in mind the bigger picture while still focusing on the small pieces that will bring your vision together. Whether it’s introducing new team-building exercises, changes in hiring practices or implementing new types of feedback, small actions can lead to big changes in your company culture.

In our podcast with Gregory Shea, he explained that culture change is one of the most difficult that an organization can make. He also suggests breaking culture into manageable parts and starting with behaviour and approaching cultural change at the individual level. When gaining insights from each member of your team change can be sustained, and behaviours not only shape your culture but change with it.

#2: Be the change you want to see

If you choose to make the first step in reshaping your company’s cultural behaviour, the best place to start is with yourself. Being consistent when you reshape culture is crucial. One of the best ways you can do this is by modelling the change you wish to see in your team. Showcase how you can live your company’s culture in big and small ways. Maintaining a positive attitude, communicating with your team, and providing helpful feedback are great ways to model good company culture. In doing so, leaders will show their employees what types of behaviours they value in the organization, and make the crucial step in reshaping culture. 

#3 Make your values and goals clear

Communicating with your team about what you want your company’s culture to look like is vital in reshaping that culture. Without properly communicating these things, reshaping company culture will be nearly impossible. Be transparent with your long-term and short-term culture goals, and get your team involved in the planning and implementation of those goals. This will allow for clear communication about what’s working, and what isn’t working when reshaping your culture. Continuing the conversation about cultural goals and values can have a great impact on your team as well. Not only will it set clear expectations, but it will promote happier employees, engaged teams, and more transparent and collaborative cultures. 

#4 Revisit your company culture often

If there’s anything leaders have learned in the last few years, it’s the importance of agility. The nature of your organization can change, and your culture has to be able to change with it. Accepting that company culture will continue to evolve is one way to ensure that it works for your team. Revisiting your culture and reshaping when necessary will help keep employees motivated and make them feel valued. Continue to make small changes throughout the year that best benefit your team and organization.

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