Management 3.0 Foundation vs. Agility in HR: Which Course to Choose?

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by Sam at Management 3.0

With so many excellent workshops on offer at Management 3.0, it’s often hard to decide which one to choose. It’s become even more difficult since we launched our very popular Agility in HR (former Agile Talent) workshop.

So, because we care about our community and don’t want you to feel overloaded with decisions, here is an easy guide for you. It will help you to decide which course will be of most value: The Agility in HR or Foundation Workshop.

Which Course to Choose?

Let’s start with the similarities. Both workshops are two days and are based on the same principles. The workshops have some overlap in  content.

Agility in HR, however, was designed to target the world of HR specialists. People who work in recruiting, onboarding, training, paying, and  helping employees to grow. This course also offers the ICAgile certification (ICP-AHR).

If it’s your first introduction to Management 3.0 and you don’t work in HR, then our Foundation Workshop would be an ideal place to start. The Foundation workshop is a great start for team leads, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and managers.

It’s fun, practical and you’ll get introduced to exercises and useful tools, to become a better leader and manager. The course is full of storytelling and hands-on approaches to get you acquainted with what it takes to manage the system and not the people.

If you want to…

  • Become acquainted with Management 3.0’s principles and practices
  • Combing them with the best of classical thinking
  • Learn about new pragmatic tools that you can use the next day
  • Use fresh approaches and new insights

…..the Foundation Workshop is the one for you!

Now, if you work in Human Resources, want to work in that field or want to enhance relationships with co-workers, the Agility in HR workshop would be an ideal choice.

If you face any of these challenges…

Agile HR Workshop by Management 3.0
  • Your company is going Agile and you need to support the transformation.
  • You want to build collaborative networks to enable innovation
  • You’re exploring ways to reposition HR by redesigning your practices to attract and retain talent
  • And if you want to learn more about…
  • The changing role of HR in agile businesses
  • Attracting, hiring and retaining the right people
  • Embracing diversity
  • Keeping people motivated and engaged
  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance
  • Performance appraisals/ratings
  • Changing roles, job descriptions, titles and ways of working
  • Creating and nurturing an environment of psychological safety

…… Agility in HR is the course for you!

Ultimately, all of our courses are excellent, you can’t go wrong no matter what you take. And if you’re having a really hard time deciding, why not just take both! You can never have too much learning. 🙂

Photo: Jon Tyson (Unsplash)

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