The Key to High-Performing Teams

- Worker Happiness

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by Sam at Management 3.0

Successful teams don’t just form, they take work and intention and as a team leader and manager, it’s up to you to create the environment for your team to thrive. Our new Teams Module, part of our new Fundamentals Plus Workshop, dives into what it takes to create a thriving team.

Here are six pillars of strong teams, to get you started:

#1: Have Conflicts: Teams can’t work well together if they can’t have hard conversations. Conversations don’t have to mean confrontations and successful teams know how to navigate that and provide timely and constructive feedback.

#2: Have Clarity: The more clear colleagues are with each other in terms of communication, goals and letting the other know where they’re at emotionally and personally, the better they’ll work together.

#3: Have Trust: No team is successful without trust. This is the fundamental issue each team needs to create, but it takes daily work.

#4: Understand the impact: Every action has a reaction and a consequence. We all leave waves in our wake (picture a motorboat) and it’s important to understand the impact of that wake for ourselves and for those around us.

#5: Be Reliable: Colleagues need to feel like they have people to rely on, for work related and non work related issues. This is essential for building trust and ensuring productivity.

#6: Care about Results: It’s one thing to work well, it’s another to care about the work you’re doing. The more invested people feel, the harder they’ll work and the more committed they’ll be, which leads to better team cohesion.

Photo credit Quino Al via Unsplash

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