The in-person follow up to the Fundamentals Online Workshop

Fundamentals Plus Workshop

This workshop is no longer available in 2023. Certificates of Attendance will remain valid. If you are interested in learning more about Management 3.0 during an online workshop, the Foundation Workshop might be for you.

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop was the follow up to the Fundamentals Online Workshop. It was a one day workshop, covering important Management 3.0 topics that you have not yet discussed in the previous workshop. It was an in-person workshop, full of interaction, practical experiences and popular Management 3.0 practices.

What did the Fundamentals Plus Workshop cover?

Fundamentals Plus Workshop Brazil
Fundamentals Plus Workshop taking place in Brazil (Photo by Thiago Brant)

As the workshop starts first you will look back together on the things you tried out after the Fundamentals Online Workshop. Which practices have you used? How did it go? What are your learnings?

Afterwards you’ll dive into the following Management 3.0 modules:

The first module you discuss in the Fundamentals Plus Workshop is our new Teams module, coming along with the Team Decision Matrix and the Diversity Index.

The following three modules are Foundation Modules and ensure you will learn about all the Management 3.0 views. Practices discussed in these modules are Value Stories, Team Competency Matrix as well as playing the Meddlers Game.

Fundamentals Plus Workshop

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop was created for people who wanted to learn more about Management 3.0 and would like to become a Management 3.0 Facilitator/Coach in the future.

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