What Does it Take to Get Unstuck?

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by Sam at Management 3.0.

We had a fabulous seminar this month with Todd Palmer during our monthly webinar, and we wanted to share a few moments with you.

Todd’s previously been a guest on our podcast where he shared his inspirational story of going from being at the lowest point in his life, to pulling himself up and to running one of the most successful companies today. His company, Extraordinary Advisors, is a record-holding six time recipient of INC 5000.

So how did he do it? What took Todd from being $600,000 in debt to bouncing back?

He told a packed seminar in April that what was holding him back started with the Imposter Syndrome. A ‘syndrome’ most successful people suffer from where they don’t believe they should be in the positions they’re in and question their worth. What helped snap Todd out of it and shift his mindset was the realization that it was more important to value the intention of being successful, rather than the expectation of it.

In his webinar, Todd explained what it takes to be resilient during tough times, like right now in the face of the coronavirus and the struggles he faced as a self-doubting entrepreneur. It was a sobering and informative discussion, especially for people wanting to start their own businesses and feel reassured that everything will be OK.

If you want to learn strategies to help yourself, motivate and engage your clients and get people moving in the right direction, this is a 45-minute talk that shouldn’t be missed.

But if you didn’t hear the live talk, which is open to everyone, sign up for our fabulous Supporters Program, a group of like-minded people who care about redefining the future of leadership and of supporting each other during these uncertain times, and gain access to exclusive content, such as these webinar recordings.

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