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Foundation Workshop

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Management 3.0 Foundation Online Workshop  

Start: 23rd of October 2023 • 14:00
End: 26th of October 2023 • 18:00
Timezone: Europe / Bucharest
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Online Workshop Timezone:
Europe / Bucharest

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 4


Is your organisation on its way to becoming agile and do you want to support this change?

Did your department switch to Scrum, SAFe or similar and you are missing hands-on tips and tools on how to lead your team in this new setup?

Set the foundation for developing agile leadership skills with the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop!

🕙 Daily from 14:00 to 18:00 EET (Eastern European Time)

Participate from anywhere. You only need a computer, webcam, microphone, and some space to actively immerse. Also, you will need some familiarity with using Mural. Check out the onboarding module here.

    The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop covers theoretical and practical agile management, with a strong focus on tools that you can use directly after attending the workshop.

    The concept is highly interactive and introduces you to several tangible tools, the so-called Management 3.0 practices.

    This workshop’s topics will be interesting for team leads, managers, change managers, agile coaches, scrum masters, project managers, HR experts, and directors who work in agile environments and want to improve their leadership skills.

    At the end of this workshop and your active participation in all sessions, you will be able to:

    ● Describe the difference between Management 1.0 and 3.0 style and what it means to be an Agile Leader

    ● Identify a better approach how to deal with complexity and uncertainty as a leader

    ● Actively influence the six important pillars of organisations

    ● Choose from a toolbox of employee engagement practices for handling various situations with team members, colleagues, and your manager more eloquently

    ● Increase employee motivation and team collaboration through using Management 3.0 mindset and practices

    ● Identify your areas of development for your leadership


    Modules covered in this workshop are:

    Management and Leadership


    Complexity Thinking

    Motivation and Engagement

    Delegation and Empowerment

    Values and Culture

    Learning and Competencies

    Scaling Organizational Structure

    Change Management

    For attending a Foundation Workshop you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance and it allows you to become a facilitator yourself within one year.


    Hello, my name is Amir Peled 👋
    𝕎𝕙𝕪 𝕞𝕖?

    💎 The only Management 3.0 facilitator worldwide who is a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC).
    💎 That credential is experience-based and it took me 15 months to validate my journey with experts.
    💎 A facilitator with more than 10 years of experience practicing Management 3.0.
    💎 I'm a trainer of Training from The Back of The Room (TBR).
    💎 My sophisticated hand-drawn posters are memorable.
    💎 I use my real-life examples (not someone's else).
    💎 Practical, hands-on rather than theoretical.
    💎 Top-notch quality.

    I started with Project Management as early as 2000! I have extensive experience and knowledge in Agile ways of working, starting from early 2006, and Management 3.0 starting from 2013.
    I'm a regular speaker in global conferences and volunteer often. I love seeing people getting better!
    You can find out more about me by clicking here.

    Several of my certifications (I didn't include them all) and I keep do practicing and gaining more knowledge and experience even years after I obtained them.


    If you require additional information, you can contact me directly through these media:

    LinkedIn: access my profile

    ● Email:


    Whatsapp: +40-747-874-150

    This is past event!
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